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AAA Lucha Capital Tournament recap and review: Main event upset

Week 2 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament is complete. If you haven’t heard, AAA is putting on a 24 luchador tournament spanning over eight weeks each Wednesday. Check out the preview for all the information.

Before we get to the recap, you can watch the full two hour and two minute show for free on AAA’s Facebook page or skip through to the matches. You won’t be missing anything important if you just want the wrestling. Each bout was more or less ten minutes in duration.

Lady Shani vs Lady Maravilla (at 17:00) was skippable due to unfortunate camera shot decisions. The match was a little tough to get into with all the fan close-ups cutting out the action. Aerostar vs Maximo (at 42:00) was very decent. Killer Kross vs Hijo del Vikingo (at 1:10:00) was alright. There was nothing wrong with it, but the winner was never in doubt. The main event of Drago vs Laredo Kid (at 1:38:00) was the best of the bunch.

On to the show...

La Griega and Vampiro kicked the show off by getting the crowd pumped. Be careful participating at home. I joined in with a, “Lucha, lucha, lucha,” chant. One of my dogs thought I was talking to him and tried to wrestle me for the next twenty minutes.

The current standings were displayed. Pagano, Pentagon Junior, Psycho Clown, and Vanilla Vargas all have three points each from their victories last week.

The peak viewership number of the entire episode seemed to be 2.8 thousand to see the Lady Shani vs Lady Maravilla bout.

Lady Shani defeated Lady Maravilla

A baby gave a funny, confused glance to Lady Shani during her entrance. That gave me a case of the chuckles for whatever reason, and I don’t even like babies.

Lucha Libre AAA

This match was plagued by poor production in camera shots. There were too many close-ups of the fans’ faces, even if they weren’t doing anything. It was like they were trying to make a Sergio Leone movie. I tuned in to watch lucha libre, not see some kid chewing on his sweatshirt sleeve. Worst of all, some moves in the ring went unseen, such as the finish. The rest of the evening was thankfully much better in that regard.

Lady Maravilla controlled the early action until Lady Shani tripped her into the corner. The bout had some vicious chops, a nifty submission or two, pin exchange transitions on the mat, and a missile dropkick by Maravilla.

For the finish, Shani hit a facebuster maneuver then followed with an unseen suplex and a seen bridging pin.

The camera was focused on a little girl and missed the winning suplex. The announcer said it was a suplex, so I’ll take his word for it.

Between matches, Hijo del Fantasma arrived at commentary as a surprise guest interview. When asked to stick around for the next match, Fantasma said something like as long as it wasn’t for exoticos. Lo and behold, Maximo was in the next match. Fantasma sat their with a sour look on his face.

In a funny comment when asked who has the best suicide dive in wrestling, Fantasma said himself and King Cuerno as a close second. Fantasma also said Vampiro was his double... double his size (fat joke).

Aerostar defeated Maximo

During the pre-match interview, La Griega called Maximo her competition in stealing kisses. Maximo responded by making fun of La Griega’s skinny straw legs and told her to hit the gym. Also, Aerostar entered wearing a bug zapper on his face.

Lucha Libre AAA

Maximo started with a body rub, but Aerostar wasn’t having it. Maximo did land a kiss later in the match, much to the chagrin of Aerostar.

This contest was fairly even. Highlights include a rope step-up flying attack by Aerostar, a sweet suicide dive by Maximo, and a rope-walking splash by Maximo.

For the finish, Aerostar dodged a running corner smash. He then connected on a springboard Code Breaker and a flying splash to win.

Halftime was an arm wrestling competition. A fellow was picked out of the audience to face a surprise opponent. Big Mami!

Big Mami was sweet-talking and caressing his hand. The dude could have easily won but looked like he didn’t want to come across as a jerk. Big Mami told him to lean in for a secret, then she kissed him. That distraction gave Big Mami victory.

Killer Kross defeated Hijo del Vikingo

Kross entered with a perpetual scowl but still allowed fans to take pictures.

Vikingo’s speed was no match for Kross’ power. Kross began by tossing Vikingo across the ring. The big man put a slower paced beating on his opponent. Vikingo did have some bright spots though, like a nice shooting star press.

For the finish, Vikingo scored a hard slap to Kross’ chest. Vikingo climbed the corner, however, Kross was too quick and chokeslammed him down to the mat. 1, 2, Kross pulled Vikingo up for more punishment. Despite a vicious suplex, Vikingo felt a little energy boost to execute a springboard DDT. Kross caught a whirling Vikingo and proceeded with a chain of three suplexes to win.

After the bout, Kross had some extra stomps in his boots for Vikingo. Half a minute or so later, Vampiro shouted down at Kross to name the time and place for a fight.

The post-match entertainment break involved Hijo del Fantasma and a pushup contest. He came out in a vest, suspenders, and no shirt. Two fans competed alongside Fantasma. The idea was to do pushups with your face hovering over a cream pie. A little kid sat on each person’s back.

Fantasma humorously warmed up his muscles for such a serious contest. Maybe ten pushups in, Fantasma tried to yank the other guy’s arm out from underneath him. Disqualification. That led to silliness and a mini pie fight.

Laredo Kid defeated Drago

La Griega was creeped out by Drago’s tongue.

The main event lived up to its billing with a quick pace and cool moves aplenty.

Highlights include a springboard moonsault by Laredo Kid, a tope con hilo by Drago, a 450 splash by Laredo Kid, a whirling DDT by Drago, and a springboard super cutter by Laredo Kid to Drago who was straddling the top rope.

For the finish, Laredo Kid took control on the top turnbuckle after a jumping kick to execute a super Spanish Fly for the win.

The victory was a little surprising. I thought Drago was going to win based on how the bout was playing out. Laredo had sloppy, weak, unfocused pins through the entire match, but I guess it didn’t matter after that super Spanish Fly.

The show closed with a selfie-fest of the winners in the ring. La Griega asked why Kross was always so angry, and he responded that Vampiro is a fink. My words, not his. Kross explained how Vampiro used to be one of the boys going against the office. Now, Vampiro sold his soul to be part of the office. Vampiro brushed off the criticism and continued with other interviews. Hijo del Fantasma chimed in that Kross is angry because he is going bald.

Week 2 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament was enjoyable overall. Once the camera work was squared away, the remaining matches all had their moments to shine. The loose vibe continued from last week to provide a nice mix of lucha libre and goofy moments between fights.

It will be interesting to see how Killer Kross progresses throughout the tournament. During the show, I learned that he has not been pinned nor submitted in his two years with AAA. He would be as good a choice as any to win the whole thing, or he could be the one not being pinned in a three-way quarterfinal bout for the finale. Will Kross get a push as a main man or remain a special attraction?

If Vampiro’s fight with Konnan falls through, then I wouldn’t mind seeing Killer Kross as a replacement for Konnan. That would be heavy duty banging between two big dudes.

Laredo Kid beating Drago should be considered an upset, right? Drago is a AAA staple, while Laredo Kid is on the upswing. It is tough for me to judge, since the vast majority of matches on Gira de Conquista are in trios form. It might be a mild upset, but it is still an upset.

I hope Hijo del Vikingo wrestles Laredo Kid in stage two. That would have high potential for dopeness. While we’re at it, a matchup between Aerostar and Drago would be a funny nod to Dario Cueto’s fondness for placing them against one another so often.

Tune in next Wednesday at 8:30pm Mexico City time (9:30pm ET) for Week 3 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament. Taya should be there, so you better not be square.

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