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AAA Roundup: Jeff Jarrett’s bloody Massacre in Monterrey, Guerra de Titanes full card

The AAA Roundup is back with some catching up to do. Let’s look at the Gira de Conquista shows from Monterrey. It featured Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. in a bloodbath, a tag team championship match, and a luchador stapling another’s head.

But first, there is some major news to cover. Guerra de Titanes will take place on Sunday, Dec. 2 at 6pm Mexico City time (7pm ET). It will most likely be available live on Twitch for free.

Lucha Libre AAA

Guerra de Titanes snuck up on me. It hasn’t been too long since AAA’s last major show. One thing to note is that Fenix is currently injured and will not be participating in the ring at that card. No backup plan has been announced yet.

Tune in this weekend for full coverage.

Gira de Conquista

Part 1 and Part 2 from Monterrey are right after Triplemania XXVI in the TV timeline. To refresh your memory on the necessary details from Triplemania, Dr. Wagner Jr. dressed as La Parka to screw Jeff Jarrett out of the Mega Championship, Lady Shani defeated Faby Apache in mask vs hair, and Hijo del Fantasma lost his mask in Poker de Ases.

Massacre in Monterrey

To begin with, if you are confused why Jeff Jarrett has hair, no, he did not drink Dimoxinil (Homer Simpson’s hair tonic). This was taped prior to the hair vs hair match between Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. at Héroes Inmortales XII.

Dr. Wagner Jr. (aka Rey Wagner) came to the ring for a promo. He promised the Mexican fans that he would take Jeff Jarrett’s scummy hair for all of them.

Cue Jeff Jarrett. He stomped to the ring accompanied by Hijo del Fantasma as interpreter. Wagner asked why Fantasma was there. Fantasma slayed him with the response. “We know you can’t communicate with someone who speaks a different language. You are the king of ignorance.” It was a hilarious line in Spanish as a play on Rey Wagner to Rey Ignorante. Wagner’s facial reactions added to the moment.

Wagner and Jarrett went face to face, removed some clothes, and were ready to fight. They backed away. Fantasma asked Jarrett what he thought of Wagner. “Basura!” Trash. When asked about Monterrey and the fans, Jarrett replied, “Mas basura!” More trash.

Fantasma threatened Wagner about his actions at Triplemania. Wagner said to take it step by step. First, blondie (Jarrett) in the feminine guerita. Next, the chocolate girl (Fantasma), which plays on Fantasma calling himself the chocolate champ. Wagner asked Fantasma which side he is on. With Mexico or with chickens (Jarrett)?

Fantasma killed Wagner again on the mic. He said there is only one Mexico. Let’s make that clear. But, the rudo de rudo (Fantasma) is in front of Wagner. If Wagner wants Fantasma’s hair, he needs to fix his credibility problem with the fans. Fantasma basically called Wagner a chump not on Fantasma’s level.

The main event of Part 1 in Monterrey was Taurus, Killer Kross, and Jeff Jarrett against Murder Clown, La Parka, and Dr. Wagner Jr. The match begins at the 56 minute mark or watch the video below.

Kross wrestled in new trunks. They were MMA-style tight shorts. Jarrett did his strut and made the nose hold, you stink taunt to the crowd. La Parka wore some cheap gold gladiator outfit that fell off when he hopped onto the apron and entered the ring through the ropes. Wagner wore a La Parka mask to rub salt in the wound of how Jarrett lost the AAA Mega Championship. Wagner then chased Jarrett around the ring.

Ding, ding, ding. Time for the match. Jarrett vs Murder Clown to start. Jarrett dodged any advancing and ran away. Taurus dropkicked Murder from behind for the first moment of actual action. The highlight of the bull vs clown superhoss showdown was a monkey flip by Murder.

Jarrett was being a humorous shitface heel. Whenever Murder pointed to tag in Wagner, Jarrett would run over, stand in between, and plead Murder not to tag. Jarrett convinced Murder to tag in La Parka instead. Jarrett tried to celebrate that minor victory with La Parka by high-fiving him. La Parka responded by punching Jarrett. Then, La Parka made the big tag.

Wagner was in the ring one-on-one with Jarrett. Would they finally duke it out? No, not yet. Taurus and Kross smashed Wagner. Jarrett would get on top for a flurry of fists. Jarrett tossed Wagner over the fan rail. Jarrett had something in his hand to punch Wagner.


Wagner was opened up. Twice and thrice more from Jarrett. Doble Jota hid the foreign object in his knee pad. Meanwhile, Taurus and Kross were handling Murder Clown and La Parka.

Eventually, the action spilled into the ring. Kross slapped a chokehold on Wagner. Jarrett added his patented leg lock at the same time. What was left for Taurus to do? Bite Wagner’s fingers, of course. Hahahaha. So silly.

The tide turned when Wagner evaded a running Taurus into the corner. Wagner executed knee whips on both Kross and Jarrett. La Parka connected on a suicide dive to Taurus. Murder Clown hit a tope onto Taurus and Kross.

Jarrett and Wagner stood toe to toe in a frenzied bout of fisticuffs. The referee, Hijo de Tirantes, was making enthusiastic punching motions in the background as he was caught up in the excitement. Wagner got the upper hand with a Wagner Driver, but Kross distracted the ref. That allowed Jarrett time for two low blows.

Jarrett positioned Wagner for his finisher, but Wagner fell backward instead of forward. One more try. Boom. Both went forward for the Stroke. 1, 2, 3. Rudos win.

Jarrett unloaded more punches after the match. Taurus took out La Parka with a Codebreaker. Kross hit an extremely impressive Saito suplex on Murder Clown. The bad guys stood tall as Jarrett strutted to close the show.

That fight definitely lived up to its name as the Massacre in Monterrey. Wagner was a bloody mess. The crimson on Jarrett was actually from Wagner.

Lucha Libre AAA

If you like Jeff Jarrett’s heel hijinks, then you will probably thoroughly enjoy this.

Match of Maximum Awesomeness

The opener (at 9:00) for Part 2 from Monterrey was a four-way between Belial, Draztik Boy, Arez, and Ultimo Maldito. Belial’s shorts looked weird. I’m guessing he is either naturally gifted or a practitioner of trunk stuffing.

This match was not polished nor technical, however, the pace was a mile a minute with tons of amazing moves. There were also several variations on standard maneuvers. I highly recommend watching the bout.

Highlights include a quadruple submission chain and Belial executing a standing leg submission on one opponent then German suplexing a different opponent. One crazy sequence began with Belial sitting on Draztik Boy’s shoulders, who was sitting on the top turnbuckle. Arez came in for a super duper hurricanrana to Belial. Draztik Boy jumped from the middle rope to perform a Mexican Destroyer on Arez. Ultimo Maldito finished it off with a flying missile dropkick to Draztik Boy. Plenty more chaos followed.

For the finish, Draztik Boy went wild. He suicide dived onto Ultimo Maldito, then ran across the ring to the other side for another suicide dive onto Arez. Draztik Boy went back into the ring for a unique slam to pin Belial for the win.

Tag Team Championship Match

The champs of Texano and Rey Escorpion had a four-way fight against Jack Evans and Teddy Hart, Aerostar and Drago, and Maximo and Mamba. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a title bout on Gira de Conquista.

This was a pretty solid match (at 29:00 in Part 2). Highlights include a corkscrew crossbody by Aerostar, tandem flying by the exoticos, and Aerostar overshooting a tope crashing into the crowd and spilling precious beer.

For the finish, Teddy Hart was the sacrifice. Rey Escorpion folded him up for a package piledriver, then Texano cracked his back out of a fireman’s carry position. The three count was on Teddy.

Afterward, the exoticos continued their feud with the Mercenarios. Texano and Rey Escorpion left them beaten, bloodied, and bull roped.

The rest of the action:

There were different flag/valet ladies. I guess the usual crew didn’t make it up to Monterrey. They must have used local talent. I wonder who’s job it is to do scouting.

There were also new graphics throughout the show. I liked it.

Faby Apache defeated Lady Shani

The match (at 5:00 in Part 1) was a singles rematch from Triplemania. Faby Apache wore a bandana to cover her freshly bald head.

Faby started with a handshake then a lightning quick German suplex to set the tone. Faby controlled the pace until Lady Shani snatched Faby’s bandana off her head. That led to Taurus charging the ring, but Shani held her own with an arm drag, hurricanrana, and a dropkick to send him away.

Solid action followed with several pin exchanges. For the finish, Faby pushed Shani into running the ropes so Taurus could grab Shani’s foot. That distraction allowed Faby to crush Shani with a bridging German suplex for the winning pin.

After the bout, Faby and Taurus pummeled Shani and removed her mask. I guess this will be a never-ending feud. I understand keeping it hot, but I would have hoped they dropped the mask tomfoolery for now.

Poder del Norte defeated Joe Lider, Hijo del Vikingo, & Hijo de LA Park

That was a weird pairing for the tecnicos in this match (at 19:00 in Part 1). Joe Lider entered with a hand stapler. Yes, it would be used.

Lucha Libre AAA

Lider controlled early and went to tag in Hijo de LA Park. Park turned his back. Hijo del Vikingo sprang to action with a springboard crossbody. Park eventually entered the ring and handled himself well.

Poder del Norte used their teamwork advantage often. Everyone got their spots in, like Park with a suicide dive, Vikingo with a springboard corkscrew and a Phoenix splash. Poder used chairs for an especially brutal slingshot into chair whack to Vikingo. Lider stapled two rudos.

For the finish of the hectic contest, Park smashed Vikingo in the back with a chair for no reason. Vikingo was ripe for the picking. Carta Brava Jr. hit a rung-hung flying stomp, Park hit a shoulder breaker, and Tito Santana finished with a super senton bomb. Pin and win.

Mamba had a Yo Soy segment. I normally don’t cover these background videos, but a couple relevant things stuck out. Lucha Underground is a promotion Mamba would like to work for one day. Mamba speaks English very well due to studying in the USA. Being able to communicate in English is a big bonus. Whether teaming or feuding with XO Lishus or the same with Pimpinela Escarlata, I think Mamba would fit right in at the Temple. They could even create a whole new character. The options are wide open.

Mamba also tells a funny story about being tentative to become an exotico. Mamba didn’t know anything about makeup, such as where to buy it. Little by little, Mamba learned the exotico style.

Hijo del Fantasma defeated Psycho Clown and LA Park

The main event of Part 2 (at 52:00 in Part 2) was three-way action. LA Park entered with a championship belt that I didn’t recognize.

Hijo del Fantasma and Psycho Clown teamed up against LA Park. I’m not sure why. They brawled into the crowd. Psycho introduced weapons. He smashed Park with a chair, did a conchairto to Park’s balls, and broke a broomstick over Park’s back. It took about eight minutes until Park came alive with a suicide dive to Fantasma. Psycho followed with a suicide dive to Park.

It was only a matter of time until Psycho and Fantasma fought each other. Psycho cleaned Fantasma’s clock with a springboard crossbody, a flying crossbody, a discus clothesline, and a scoop slam. Psycho and Park went at with Park prevailing on a big spear. Fantasma then slammed Park.

Psycho went wild by whipping everyone in the ring, including the referee. Psycho then pulled the ref’s face down to his crotch. Highlights for the rest of the bout include an outside-in splash by Psycho, Sliced Bread by Psycho, and a running frog splash by Fantasma.

For the finish, Park pulled off Psycho’s mask. Fantasma low blow kicked Park for the win. Fantasma’s Mercenarios mates came out after the match for more beatdowns. Fantasma pulled of Park’s mask. The rudos throat slashed and raised their fists to the air.

Gira de Conquista from Monterrey was a very entertaining episode. There was lots of variety in match types instead of pure trios action. A variety of styles too. High-flying, heavy-hitting, and hardcore.

Jeff Jarrett stole the show, as he often does when present in AAA. I’ve been looking forward to the Massacre in Monterrey ever since I first saw the bloody images. The spectacle, I can’t really call it a match, did not disappoint. Three cheers for Double J!

Which was your favorite match from Monterrey? Who stood out in your eye?

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