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EC3 likes his current awesome theme music better than his former awesome theme music

Entrance music in wrestling can be quite important. It’s not absolutely necessary, but when a wrestler has the right music to fit their character, that really completes the package.

NXT’s EC3 has been lucky enough not to have one awesome tune but two, his music in Impact and his current CFO$ crafted WWE music.

The man himself was often asked which he preferred so he decided to let us know his choice between the two.

This is an understandable preference. Given he was part of the creative process for his current NXT music, he’s going to have more of an attachment to it. But, not having helped craft either of his tunes, I’m not sure if I agree.

Here’s a quick reminder of his music. First his current NXT music:

And his former Impact Wrestling music:

Personally, I really dig both tunes. They both have the swagger that goes along with the character EC3 plays, which is the most important thing. His current song feels closer to an actual song while his old music was more one really good idea and a bridge. It’s lyrics mainly consisted of the word “Trouble.”

But in wrestling, you don’t need more than some catchy bars with a bridge. For my money, this Impact one is catchier. I caught myself humming it all the time after watching Impact. I prefer a song that’s really catchy to one that has better lyrics. So my pick between the two edges towards “Trouble.”

In the end, it’s damn close either way. What’s your preferred melody for the Top One Percent?

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