Cageside Community Star ratings: WWE Survivor Series 2018

Last Sunday's Survivor Series is the third one the Cageside community have given their votes on in order to produce a cSs rating. All the votes have been tallied and compared with the scores awarded by Dave Meltzer and ESPN.

Highest rated match of the night

Ronda Rousey v Charlotte Flair - Cageside Rating: 4.32

Votes: 837

Meltzer Rating: 4.25

ESPN Rating: 4.5

All time rank: 15th out of 296

  • Charlotte Flair takes match of the night honours for her second consecutive Pay Per View.
  • With 214 five votes, this match received the most maximum votes for the event.
  • This score beats last year’s corresponding match, between Flair and Alexa Bliss which received a 3.66 rating.

2nd Place -

WWE Cruiserweight title match - Buddy Murphy v Mustafa Ali - Cageside Rating: 4.31

Votes: 293

Meltzer Rating: 4

ESPN Rating: 4

All time rank: 17th out of 296

  • Buddy Murphy’s first defence of the Cruiserweight title was well received. It is the second highest rated Cruiserweight match, behind his Melbourne victory against Cedric Alexander.
  • As with the women’s match, this score is higher than last year’s corresponding match between Kalisto and part-time rapper, full-time lowlife, Enzo A’more, which scored 2.09.
  • This match was rated as less than three stars by only five voters.

3rd Place -

Shinsuke Nakamura v Seth Rollins - Cageside Rating: 3.99

Votes: 298

Meltzer Rating: 3.75

ESPN Rating: 3.25

All time rank: 50th out of 296

  • Last season’s number one man kicks off the new campaign with another warmly received match, narrowly missing out on his sixth four star plus rating of 2018.
  • As with the first and second placed matches, this outing bettered last year’s corresponding match, when Baron Corbin’s victory over The Miz scored 3.13.

Daniel Bryan v Brock Lesnar - Cageside Rating: 3.98

Votes: 879

Meltzer Rating: 4.5

ESPN Rating: 4

2017/18 rank: 51st out of 296

  • A return to form for both men. This score is Bryan's best ever CSS rating, and Lesnar’s best score since last year’s Survivor Series.
  • Both the professional critics scored the match higher. Becky Lynch’s Evolution victory over Charlotte Flair is the only WWE PPV bout of 2018 that Meltzer has given a higher score to
  • As alluded to in the first bullet point, this match received a lower score than the 4.46 Lesnar’s battle with AJ Styles received.
  • This match received the most votes for the PPV.

Tag team Survivor Series match: Team Raw v Team SmackDown - Cageside Rating: 3.28

Votes: 61

Meltzer Rating: 3.5

ESPN Rating:N.A

All time rank: 149th out of 296

  • SmackDown’s only success yielded the least amount of votes for the PPV.
  • The score is the highest obtained yet by the Ascension, B Team, The Revival, Good Brothers and The Colons.

Men’s team Survivor Series match: Team Raw v Team SmackDown - Cageside Rating: 2.84

Votes: 176

Meltzer Rating: 3.75

ESPN Rating: 4

All time rank: 205th out of 296

  • Another disappointing cSs score for the men’s five-on-five match. This outing did however beat last year’s 2.66.
  • There's a massive discrepancy between Cagesiders’ and the professional critics, who’s scores of 3.75 and 4 show they were more impressed with the match.
  • The turnout of 176 is noticeably low, and is a huge drop-off from the 456 votes last year’s match received.

Women’s team Survivor Series match: Team Raw v Team SmackDown - Cageside Rating: 2.73

Votes: 142

Meltzer Rating: 2.75

ESPN Rating: 2.25

All time rank: 224th out of 296

  • For the third Survivor Series in a row, the woman’s match has failed to score higher than three (2.83 in 2016, 2.88 in 2017).
  • This match received the fewest number of five star votes - 5.

AOP v The Bar - Cageside Rating: 1.87

Votes: 146

Meltzer Rating: 1.75

ESPN Rating: 1.75

All time rank: 285th out of 296

  • AOP debut match was a huge dud, as they took part in the 15th match to score a Cageside ranking of lower than two.
  • 24 voters thought this match was worth no stars, the highest number of minimum votes for the event.
  • This represents a massive fall from grace for The Bar from last year, when their clash with The Usos scored 4.12.

This year’s Survivor Series has an average match rating of 3.42, which is lower than Meltzer’s mean score of 3.53. The cSs score is the highest for a Survivor Series, beating last year's score (3.26) and 2016 (3.22)

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