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AAA Lucha Capital Tournament recap & review: New power couple in lucha libre

Week 4 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament kicked off Stage 2. The previously announced matches were all mixed up. This week featured a bonus bout, a viking vs a mini, a fiery dragon vs a cool cat, a lady slugfest, a heavyweight hoss fight, and the formation of a new power couple in lucha libre.

Before we get to the recap, you can watch the full two hour and five minute show for free on AAA’s Facebook page or skip through to the matches. You won’t be missing anything important if you just want the wrestling. Each bout was more or less ten minutes in duration.

There were no duds this time around. I can see a case for any one of the matches to be argued as fight of the night. Argenis vs Mocho Cota Jr. (at 14:00) was a nice little surprise match. Mascarita Sagrada vs Hijo del Vikingo (at 29:00) was a spark plug of excitement. Drago vs Puma King (at 44:00) was super solid. Vanilla vs Keyra (at 1:14:00) was the heaviest hitting of the bunch. Murder Clown vs Samoano (at 1:43:00) was a hoss fight with flight.

On to the show...

Konnan is in the house! He arrived to Mexico City in style.

I had no idea planes looked like that these days, although, it has been over ten years since I flew.

Konnan was joined La Griega and Jose Manuel Guillen at the announce table. Konnan and La Griega would make their way down to the ring to pump up the crowd. During the show, Australian Suicide, Arturo “El Rudo” Rivera, and Murder Clown were chatting with fans on Facebook.

The live crowd looked fuller this week. The peak viewership on Facebook was 3,800 by my count. Once again, the high was early in the show. It is weird that the number doesn’t grow during the show with higher profile bouts later. I don’t get it.

Argenis defeated Mocho Cota Jr.

This bout was a bonus for no reason in particular. It had no effect on the tournament.

The flow had a relatively quick, competitive pace. Highlights include a suicide dive by Mocho Cota Jr. and a springboard moonsault by Argenis. The finish began after Cota snapped a powerslam for a two count. They fought into the corner, which led to a super hurricanrana by Argenis and a three count.

Hijo del Vikingo defeated Mascarita Sagrada

Mascarita Sagrada was more over as a fan favorite. Vikingo remained tecnico even though he began with mocking Mascarita’s short stature.

The match started with a chop exchange, Mascarita stomping on Vikingo’s foot, Vikingo jumping up in the air over Mascarita as the mini ran the ropes, then a spinning kick to Mascarita’s face. Mascarita would gain control after dodging as Vikingo dove into the ring post. A flying crossbody to the outside followed.

This bout was much more fun than I expected it to be. Mascarita brought his A game with moves such as a flying headscissors. For the finish, Vikingo caught a flying crossbody and turned it into a swinging slam. Vikingo then went high-risk for a shooting star press and victory.

Drago defeated Puma King

After a feeling out process to begin, Drago connected on a tope con hilo to the outside. Highlights include nice chain with combo streaks, a delayed vertical suplex by Puma King, a nifty springboard crossbody by Puma to the outside, a bombazo slam by Puma, two fancy DDTs by Drago, and a powerbomb followed by a Codebreaker by Puma.

For the finish, Puma executed an amazing super powerbomb maneuver. That only earned a two count. A mat transition flurry led to Puma attempting la casita roll-up, but Drago leaned back with his weight to counter into a pin of his own. 1, 2, 3.

Arm wrestling halftime was back again. The surprise luchador was Samoana. He demanded a left hand battle and won with ease. A second fan got a chance. Samoana was on his to way to victory again until the fan said it should be right handed or in the ring if Samoana isn’t scared. Samoana immediately let go. After some huffing and hawing, a right hand contest proceeded. The fan was victorious with little effort.

Keyra defeated Vanilla

This battle felt like an old-school slugfest. Keyra controlled the pace as the aggressor. Flashy highlights include Vanilla hopping from the apron over the ropes into the ring for an elbow drop, a moonsault by Keyra, and a corkscrew crossbody by Vanilla.

For the finish, Vanilla had Keyra up across her shoulders. Vanilla showboated with one squat, then Keyra escaped and transitioned into a double underhook face slam. A woozy Vanilla missed a clothesline. Keyra swooped in from behind for a bridging German suplex to win.

Puma King came out for an interview at the announce table. Nothing storyline related was put forth. It was mostly chitchat about the cool cat’s career and goals.

Murder Clown defeated Samoano

La Griega had the same reaction as fans all across the land when Samoano entered. “What happened? I was waiting for another wrestler. What happened?” Pagano had foggy airport issues. Killer Kross, well, keep reading.

These two behemoths hammered away with high-flying moves mixed in. Highlights include a flying smash to the outside by Samoano, a powerslam by Murder Clown, a Samoan drop by Samoana, a plancha by Murder Clown, a military press slam off the top corner by Murder Clown, and a running elbow drop by Murder Clown.

For the finish, Murder Clown tripped Samoano into the ropes. He followed with a 619 then a flying splash for victory.

Shortly after the bout, Killer Kross ambushed the big men in the ring. A DDT to Murder Clown and a belly-to-back suplex to Samoano incapacitated them for promo time by Kross.

“Don’t attempt to adjust your computer. Hello, Facebook. Lucha Capital... What I’d like to have right now is for every single slack-jawed, overweight piece of Mexicano trash to shut their mouths while a real Americano professional wrestler has something to tell you. You guys booked me to wrestle a midget? I don’t think so. I am the most valuable international talent in North America going right now. I’ve been undefeated for two years. Where’s my title shot? Nowhere to be found.”

“I told you last show that I had a luchadora who is ten times more attractive and ten times better a professional wrestler than every single talent here in Mexico. ... Ladies and gentlemen, stand up, shut your mouths, and respect the most attractive woman in this business.”

Enter Scarlett Bordeaux. Konnan put them over as the newest power couple in lucha libre. Kross went on to say that they don’t wrestle unless they have competition worth their time. The duo DDT’d Samoano. The tubby fellow fell on top on Scarlett and almost crushed her to death by accident. She had trouble getting out from underneath. The two stood tall to end the show.

Week 4 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament was a winner. The wrestling was strong with all matches being entertaining. The swerve at the end was exciting and should create nice buzz.

I was a little disappointed in not getting to see Killer Kross obliterate Mascarita Sagrada in humorous fashion. However, the lineup changes worked out well. Besides, it wouldn’t be AAA without chaos. This was a minor bump in the road compared to their worst of the worst.

I’m very interested in seeing the future of Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux. Beauty and the beast, except Kross is a beefcake himself. There is visual pleasure to enjoy by everyone. I love those local yokel style of heel promos. They make me laugh every single time.

If Kross wasn’t the favorite already, Bordeaux will certainly give him a boost when facing the cream of the crop. It is unlikely that they would face Johnny Mundo and Taya in this tournament, but it could carry over into Impact if they so desired. Who truly is lucha royalty?

Puma King earned at least one fan, myself, with his work in the tournament. His matches with Pentagon Jr. and Drago were both top notch, and I look forward to seeing him again in whichever promotions he pops up in.

Konnan’s enthusiasm on commentary was contagious. It is hard not to have a good time watching watching when he is amazed at so many of the maneuvers.

Time for a standings breakdown. Puma King is eliminated. Hijo del Vikingo, Mascarita Sagrada, Drago, Keyra, Vanilla, and Murder Clown all advanced to Week 7 for one last chance at the finale. I’m not sure where Kross stands. Will he get a second match after skipping his bout tonight?

It will be interesting to see how Stage 2 progresses with Samoana taking someone’s slot tonight. That makes uneven numbers. Either one luchador will be getting the silent treatment or there will be a three-way.

Which match was your favorite from Week 4? Are you sad Puma King has been eliminated? Where do Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux fit on your wrestling couple power rankings?

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