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A horrible incident in Mexico, and how you can possibly help

Reports, GIFs and clips of this have been going around since it occurred Monday evening (Nov. 19) at a Promotores Asociados Lucha Libre (PALL) event in Mexico State’s Arena López Mateos promoted by Lucha Memes/Lucha Boom and streamed on the YouTube channel +LuchaTV.

During a hardcore match between Angel o Demonio and Cuervo, the former throws a cinder block from the ring into the back of the latter’s head while he’s walking on the floor. Cuervo goes stiff and face-first to the floor where he’s checked on by officials. He regains consciousness and is helped to the back while Angel o Demonio bizarrely eliminates himself to end their casket match.

You can see the whole incident - including the chair shots from Cuervo which Angel o Demonio publicly says left him woozy and caused him to inadvertantly hit his opponent in the head instead of the back with the brick, and others backstage say contributed to his frustration with the overall match leading to this brutal ‘receipt’ - on the YouTube stream here. LuchaBlog’s TheCubsFan (whose work provided much of the background for this post and who you should be reading & following if you have any interest in lucha libre) shared this GIF of the block throwing incident itself:

The Mexico State commission suspended Angel o Demonio, and is urging other regional governing bodies to follow suit. Cuervo (a Puerto Rican luchador, not to be confused with a Mexican wrestler who works under the same name) was operated on yesterday for an epidural hematoma and a skull fracture. He’s in intensive care and believed to be out of immediate danger, but will remain hospitalized for a week to ten days before he can be moved to a rehabilitation facility.

Here’s where you can possibly contribute to helping. This is both the wild, wild west of wrestling on the internet and the world of lucha libre, so I can’t personally vouch for either effort. But they are being promoted by established people/accounts associated with known players on the scene. Participate at your own risk, but if you’d like to do something more than just say “holy $#!+” about a GIF, I wanted to pass them along.

First, PALL is holding a benefit show for Cuervo Thurs. night, Nov. 22. Since most folks reading this won’t be able to attend and there isn’t an online ticket vendor or donation link set-up, blogger RobViper is offering to collect money and get it to a friend on the ground in Mexico to buy tickets:

Second, because many in the lucha libre community don’t seem to think a commission suspension will do much to prevent Angel o Demonio from working and therefore possibly losing his temper again & hurting someone else, luchadora Salina de la Renta is spreading the word about an online petition asking that his license be revoked entirely.

Beyond that? Keep a positive thought or send up a prayer for Cuervo, and all the wrestlers who get hurt performing for our enjoyment - and hope that egregious stuff like this becomes increasingly rare on its way to going away forever.

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