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AAA Lucha Capital Tournament: Week 4 preview, live results, and open thread

Stage 2 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament begins tonight. The action will be cat vs clown, two intergender bouts, and a mini that could be killed. A second win will send a luchador to the finale. A second loss gets a luchador the boot. Tension is ratcheting up.

Thinking about booting, they should have Vampiro wear a giant boot to kick losers out the door. I’m thinking something similar to what Australia wanted to do to Bart Simpson.

(If you have previously read past weeks’ previews, then I’ll save you some time. The next few paragraphs are roughly the same in case any new viewers jump aboard this week.)

The Lucha Capital tournament will span over eight consecutive Wednesdays at 8:30pm Mexico City time (9:30pm ET). The event is hosted at Pinche Gringo BBQ. Best of all, you can watch for free live on AAA’s Facebook page. If you can’t view live, don’t worry. The replay should be posted in short order.

The format awards points to match winners, but it is simpler to think of it as everyone gets two singles bouts during the first six weeks. Those with two wins will move on to the final evening. During week seven, those with one win will attempt to qualify for the finale.

The finale (Dec. 19) will have quarterfinals of three-ways with the winners moving on to singles bouts in the semifinals and final.

International talent comes from AAA, MAD, Elite, Impact, and Lucha Underground. In reality, most of them are pretty much AAA even if not officially recognized as such. The list of participants is Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, Pagano, Taurus, Pentagon Jr., Puma King, Vanilla Vargas, La Hiedra, Killer Kross, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Drago, Aerostar, Maximo, Lady Shani, Lady Maravilla, Fenix, Golden Magic, Texano Jr., Niño Hamburguesa, Australian Suicide, Taya, Mascarita Sagrada, and Keyra.

If you have need to get caught up, jam on Week 1 (preview, recap), Week 2 (preview, recap), and Week 3 (preview, recap).

Join us here for the show to chat in the open thread. If you have never used Facebook to watch live shows, check out this handy video to help. It is about WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge, but the process is the same. Go to instead.

Let’s preview tonight’s action.

Lucha Libre AAA

Pagano, Vanilla, Mascarita Sagrada, and Killer Kross can clinch a pass to the finale with a victory tonight. Puma King, Hijo del Vikingo, Drago, and Keyra are fighting to stave off elimination. A win will earn those luchadores a trip to the last chance show in Week 7.

Puma King vs Pagano

Puma King lost to Pentagon Jr. in Stage 1, while Pagano defeated Taurus. I find Pagano to be enjoyable when he does lucha libre maneuvers, as opposed to straight brawling. Puma is catlike in his attacks, so that should force Pagano to compete in a similar style. That would make the main event a dandy of a treat.

Hijo del Vikingo vs Vanilla

Hijo del Vikingo lost to Killer Kross in Stage 1, while Vanilla beat La Hiedra. This is an interesting bout between two youngsters on the path to stardom. Vikingo has the high-flying advantage. I wouldn’t be surprised if Vanilla has the strength advantage.

Drago vs Keyra

Drago fell to Laredo Kid in Stage 1, while Keyra was rolled up by Mascarita Sagrada. This will be a loser goes home bout. Two losses ends their tournament path. Due to such high stakes, there should be good drama and intensity from both competitors.

Mascarita Sagrada vs Killer Kross

Mascarita Sagrada defeated Keyra in Stage 1, while Killer Kross smashed Hijo del Vikingo. I’m shocked at the match-making. Mascarita should get destroyed in short order. I wonder if one of the other matches will be far beyond the average ten minutes, since I assume this fight will be a squash.

Pagano should be a strong favorite due to fan reaction, but Puma King is definitely no slouch. A Puma King win would be an upset in pecking order but not necessarily talent. The same can be said for Drago and Keyra.

I’d take Hijo del Vikingo as the lock of the week. He needs a win tonight to avoid elimination, and I can’t envision Vikingo being bounced so soon. Scratch that. Killer Kross is lock of the week. Who did Mascarita Sagrada piss off?

My picks are Pagano, Vikingo, Drago, and Killer Kross. Who are you predicting?

I went 7-5 in Stage 1 predictions. Australian Suicide defeating Taya was the biggest shocker, and I suppose Laredo Kid pinning Drago was the biggest upset of the group. For the most part, the fan favorites were victorious.

Quick results:

The pre-announced card did not take place. The bouts were mixed up with unannounced lineup changes. Exchange Pagano and Killer Kross with Murder Clown and Samoano. The rest were the same luchadores, different opponents.

Murder Clown defeated Samoano via 619 then a flying splash. Hoss fight was hossy. Killer Kross showed up to out-hoss the two hosses after the match. Kross used the word slack-jawed in his promo. Scarlett Bordeaux joined Kross to form a new power couple in lucha libre.

Keyra defeated Vanilla via bridging German suplex. Slugfest.

Drago defeated Puma King via countering a la casita pin attempt. Mighty fine fight. Puma King is eliminated from the tournament.

Hijo del Vikingo defeated Mascarita Sagrada via shooting star press. Tons of fun.

Bonus bout: Argenis defeated Mocha Cota Jr. via super hurricanrana. This match has nothing to do with the tournament.

Tune in tomorrow to Cageside Seats for a recap and review.

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