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Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha Cuatro, Part One recap & review: My name is Lt. Jermaine Strickland

H-o-l-y $#!+!

What a show! Part One of Ultima Lucha Cuatro delivered in so many ways.

The twenty-first episode of season four (Oct. 31, 2018) for Lucha Underground featured platform leaps, a bloody goozling, a bridezilla on the warpath, and an unmasking.

The episode began with a fantastic intro package to give an informative summary leading up to the matches tonight. Newcomers could watch that and understand all they needed to know for each feud.

Captain Vasquez!

Captain Vasquez and Aerostar police office segment

Captain Vasquez was at her desk looking over work. Aerostar was in the room, but his voice sounded more like a narrator. He spoke in Spanish with English subtitles. Past scenes were spliced into the speech.

”A milliennia ago (damn millennials), I met a girl who was going to save the world. I told her dying father to use this (La Piedra Immortal) to give her immortality. He told her that it only worked on females. A necessary lie, otherwise, his tribe would have made him keep the amulet for himself. You’ve done well with the extra life you were given. But I was wrong.”

”You have been instrumental in this war, but it is not you who can save us. The future was cloudy, but now it is clear to me. I need your half. Your father and your daughter are both waiting for you beyond the Cosmos.”

Vasquez handed over her half of the amulet, and Aerostar made it one. Vasquez faded away into dust.

H-o-l-y shit!

Ominous ass-kicking music played us into the Temple.

Trios Championship: Reptile Tribe vs Rabbit Tribe vs Ivelisse, XO Lishus, & Sammy Guevara

The defending champion Reptile Tribe was represented by Kobra Moon, Daga, and Jeremiah Snake. Before the opening bell, Jeremiah acted weird like he usually does. In the background, Daga gave him a look as if to say, “What an idiot.”

The Rabbit Tribe was represented by the White Rabbit, Paul London, and El Bunny.

Tornado rules, which means pure chaos. No tags, everyone is legal.

The White Rabbit flicked his hands to motion his partners to opposite corners. They watched as he unleashed destruction. Daga encouraged Jeremiah to attack first. Big boot to Jeremiah’s face. Forearm smashes to Ivelisse and Daga. The White Rabbit goozled Sammy Guevara and Kobra Moon. A boot to XO Lishus. The White Rabbit then forcefully smashed Guevara and Moon down by the mouth to the mat. A Saito bomb to XO.

Out came the white glove. A five luchador simultaneous superkick sent the White Rabbit tumbling out of the ring.

Craziness ensued. Highlights include a suicide low dive by Jeremiah, springboard hurricanrana by El Bunny, suicide dive by XO as Ivelisse held open the ropes, Guevara followed with a twisting 360 over Ivelisse, then a leap by Ivelisse to take out the pile.

Guevara and Moon brawled up to the production platform. Guevara throat-slashed into the camera then took Moon all the way down on a Spanish Fly atop bodies below.

H-o-l-y shit!

For the first elimination, the White Rabbit directed traffic by goozling Guevara and tossing him into the ring. The White Rabbit picked up Paul London and told him to attack. El Bunny was next in line, except he was barely conscious. London had Guevara up on his shoulders then tripped over El Bunny’s body. Guevara turned it into a three count on London.

The Rabbit Tribe has been eliminated.

The White Rabbit was super pissed. “What did you do?” The White Rabbit took his anger out on Guevara with another goozling. Blood oozed out of Guevara’s mouth. He sat up to spit red on the White Rabbit. The big man just laughed.

XO and Ivelisse entered the ring to check on their partner. Ivelisse screamed, “Medic! Medic! Where’s the fucking medic?!?”

Back from commercial break and it is 2-on-3. Ivelisse and XO fought tough. Ivelisse had a flying crossbody and Code Red for a two count. XO injured his shoulder, was surrounded by Reptiles, shouted, “Fuck you,” and heroically beat the crap out of them. But, the duo couldn’t overcome.

A shoulder breaker by Jeremiah and a hurricanrana head spike allowed Daga to swoop in for a painful submission to XO. Ivelisse was kept away by Moon. XO’s hands were clasped, so Jeremiah gave him a running soccer kick to the face. Daga had his submission locked in full, and XO was forced to tap.

Ivelisse, XO Lishus, and Sammy Guevara have been eliminated. The Reptile Tribe retained the Trios titles.

Taya Mundo vs Ricky Mundo

Matt Striker summed the mood up perfectly. “Cities will be destroyed, fire will be cast down on the streets, because bridezilla is looking for revenge.”

Ricky Mundo kissed his disgusting doll Rosa on the lips. Ewww, still gross.

I got a chuckle about how Ricky’s pants are a bit too short in length. I’ve noticed it before, but the story for this match really drove it home. Ricky wants to be like Johnny, but he comes up short. Just like his pants.

Taya kicked Ricky’s ass to start the match. Not literally. Spear, ground and pound, release German suplex, running clothesline into the corner, furry boot stomps, and running double knees.

Ricky ducked a clothesline and superkicked Taya. The action spilled outside the ring. Ricky set up a table. Ricky grabbed a pen off the table of Melissa Santos. Nice callback to how Ricky murdered Benjamin Cook. Taya was standing on the announce table and kicked Ricky’s hand away. Flying crossbody off the table by Taya.

Back in the ring, two consecutive suplex slams by Taya for a two count. Taya used an ankle trip to fold Ricky up into a curb stomp. A stepover crossface submission casued Ricky to tap.

Taya Mundo defeated Ricky Mundo.

After the match, Taya was not finished. “You put your hands on my friends. You put your hands on my family. You ruined my fucking wedding!” A chokeslam-esque maneuver put Ricky through a table.


Taya took Rosa the doll to the back with her.

Mask vs Mask: Son of Havoc vs Killshot

Son of Havoc scored the first major impact with a cartwheel flip to the outside. The early going was an even affair. Highlights include a double underhook throw over by Killshot, Killshot’s modified GTS after catching Havoc’s fancy cutter move, and a flying double stomp by Killshot for a two count.

Killshot went to the back to bring out a gurney, which may have been used in the Hell of War match from Ultima Lucha Tres. Killshot unscrewed the bottom turnbuckle so he had the space to slide the gurney into the ring.

The fight brawled around the Temple. Havoc set up a table in the entrance way. That led to Havoc splashing off the camera platform.

H-o-l-y shit!

Havoc added some reverse frog action to it. I don’t know what the splash would be called. The opposite of a frog splash. Havoc flexed back to stick his chest out.

Havoc got a two count after rolling Killshot into the ring. More highlights include a fireman’s carry slam by Havoc off the corner, a shooting star press by Havoc for a two count, a superplex by Killshot to drop Havoc onto the gurney, and a flying double stomp by Killshot then a cradle driver for a huge two count.

Havoc nailed a piledriver on top of the gurney. Havoc strapped Killshot down. Matt Striker opined that a potential triceps injury may be what prevented Killshot from unhooking himself. Nice save, Sr. Striker.

Havoc crashed down with a shooting star press. 1, 2, 3!

Son of Havoc defeated Killshot.

After the match, Killshot was handed a mic. “My name is Lieutenant Jermaine ‘Killshot’ Strickland. And for the past few years, I’ve been trying to erase and escape my true identity. And the fact that I left my brothers for dead.”

H-o-l-y shit!

Truth bombshell by Killshot. He admitted that Dante Fox was right all along. Killshot had been wearing a mask to hide his shame.

Killshot dropped to his knees to remove the face cover.

Lucha Underground

He handed it over to Havoc. The Believers chanted, “Thank you, Killshot.”

Killshot and Dante Fox closing scene

Killshot was leaving the Temple with his bags. “Hey, Strickland.” Dante Fox called out from across the way. Fox was in full military dress.

Killshot asked, “Why’d you go M.I.A?” Fox answered, “I had a mission. One I couldn’t ignore. But, it’s good to finally see your face again.” Killshot giggled a little. “Well, it’s the last time you’re ever going to see it. Sorry, for everything. Permission to be relieved of duty, Sir.”

Fox saluted. Killshot returned the gesture and walked off into the night.

Ultima Lucha Cuatro is off to a banging start. Part One was full of surprising story tidbits, crazy moves, and intense action. It makes my short list for best episode from any season.

The matches were all enjoyable. The Trios title tilt was bonkers. Taya vs Ricky wasn’t the best match of the evening, but it was the most satisfying. Sometimes, an ass kicking fits the bill. The mask vs mask main event lived up to its hype. Unfortunately, I didn’t fall for any false finishes, since there was so much time left in the episode. If not for that, I would have been captured by the drama hook, line, and sinker.

Goodbye, Captain Vasquez. I won’t say I’ll miss her, but I darn sure enjoyed the story elements her character brought to the table. Somebody was cutting onions near me when Aerostar delivered the line about her father and her daughter (Catrina) waiting for her beyond the Cosmos.

That fib about the Piedra Immortal being only for women opens up a whole new realm of ideas for who could be the one to save the world. If Fenix can be sorted out, he seems like a top choice, given that he has one thousand lives and all that. I hope it won’t be that obvious and an unexpected luchador gets the call. I also hope we won’t have to wait until Ultima Lucha Cinco to find out.

Damn, the White Rabbit is a monster. Lucha Underground has a way of making big dudes look so impressive. After the White Rabbit’s performance tonight, I’m frothing at the mouth to see him in the hoss division against Mil Muertes, Matanza, and Cage.

I don’t think I fully appreciated the closing scene, since I have no experience or knowledge about the military. The quick conversation between Killshot and Dante Fox seems like it should have felt bigger to me. Little details, like the significance of all the medals on Fox’s jacket, might have escaped me. It was nice that they made amends though.

One thing I thought interesting was that Fox is ranked higher than Killshot. (Right?) I assumed they were equals in the same unit. That detail elevates Fox to another level in my eyes and sets him up with a momentum boost for season five. He’s not just a super soldier, he’s a super duper soldier. There is a ton of potential for Fox and his character if they want to boost him to the main event scene in season five.

Which was your favorite match from Part One? Who do you think will receive the Piedra Immortal? See you next week for the finale (Part Two) of Ultima Lucha Cuatro. Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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