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NXT WarGames 2 results: Ricochet, Pete Dunne, & War Raiders survive the Undisputed ERA

The main event of November 17th TakeOver: WarGames, emanating from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, was the the WarGames match between Undisputed ERA and War Raiders, Ricochet, and Pete Dunne. Of course was. WarGames is in the name of the show.

Also, there’s no following that chaos.

The way WarGames works is two men start. They fight until one man gets added in every three minutes. Therefore, there are periods of two on one attacks until all the men are in. The match doesn’t officially start until all the men are in the ring.

In typical WarGames fashion, the heel Undisputed ERA had the man advantage.

It started with Ricochet and Adam Cole. Cole was able to get a good amount of offense in on Ricochet, and this was before another member of the ERA would come in to make things worse.

That next ERA member would be Kyle O’Reilly, which was a wise pick. Kyle can pick a man apart. Ricochet did all he could just to survive that three minutes. Finally his cage opened and it looked like Pete Dunne was going to run out but Hanson stopped him and took the spot himself.

The big man ran wild on O’Reilly and Cole. This allowed Ricochet to regroup and get in on the action.

Roddy Strong was the next out. Now it was his turn to let loose. In fact, it was a one man show for awhile. But soon Adam and Kyle were up and taking advantage of the 3 on 2 advantage.

When time was up, once again Pete Dunne tried to leave and this time, Rowe held him back and ran out instead. Apparently, they didn’t plan beforehand.

As you may have predicted, now it was Rowe cleaning house and giving our heroes the advantage until the ERA final man, Bobby Fish, was to enter the fray.

Fish didn’t go to the ring at first. Instead he took the lock and key from his cage and locked Pete’s cage and tossed the key, keeping Dunne in the cage.

Then he made his way to the ring and grabbed special Undisputed ERA branded chairs and the heels went to work on the Raiders and Ricochet. And without Dunne, the match wouldn’t officially begin, leaving this as an unending beating. Things looked dire for our heroes.

After trying the wrong key because NXT refs don’t understand keys, they finally got bolt cutters to release the Bruiserweight.

All of the ERA tried to keep him from entering, but a kendo stick helped him clear the doorway as Ricochet threw himself at his rivals. Dunne grabbed a slew of weapons and tossed them in prior to getting into the cage. Tables, trash cans, chairs, and kendos sticks all littered the two cages.

Finally, Dunne entered the ring and after all of that, the match finally began.

Action was scattered across two rings, but it was the War Raiders that stood out. Their tandem offense led to the first pin unsuccessful pin attempt.

But a trash can to the head of Hanson turned things around.

ERA had control again and soon completely surrounded the Bruiserweight. But Dunne doesn’t care about those poor odds as he took it to all four members of the other team. This included a leg submission on Fish’s bad leg that O’Reilly had to break up.

O’Reilly locked an ankle lock on Dunne’s leg, which had been injured earlier, as the ERA made sure the rest of Dunne’s team couldn’t access him. Ricochet finally threw his body at Undisputed, which broke up the submission.

Bodies were everywhere after this sequence.

The fight would continue chaotically.

It looked like it could be over when O’Reilly locked a submission on Ricochet on top of the table. Hansen then splashed his body through Kyle and the table. Roderick Strong needed to break up the pinfall or the match surely would have been over.

Like last year, Cole climbed to the top. This year, Ricochet was the man to meet him and they battled on top of the cage. If either man were to fall to the floor, their team would lose the match.

That was Cole’s plan. Roddy met them up top and they tried to push Ricochet over. But Ricochet was able to fight to stay up.

This led to the obligatory super tower of doom spot.

And that led into the obligatory crazy Ricochet jump from the top.

This earned a “Mia f’n Mia” from Mauro Ranallo.

Both teams regrouped to their own ring and stared each other down before they met between the two rings. And they proceeded to lay into each other!

Each man would have one more big move in them. It came down to Pete Dunne and Adam Cole, who went back and forth until Dunne delivered the Bitter End. Then out of nowhere, Ricochet delivered a 450 to Cole. Both Dunne and Ricochet would get the pin.

War Raiders, Ricochet, and Pete Dunne survived WarGames and the Undisputed ERA.

Both the North American Champion and UK champion celebrated on top of the cage while everyone else was still laying on the ground beneath them.

For all the results from TakeOver: WarGames 2, check out our live blog here.

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