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NXT WarGames 2018 results: Aleister Black gets his revenge against Johnny Gargano

The Johnny Gargano/Aleister Black TakeOver: WarGames match tonight (Nov. 17), emanating from the Staples Center in Los Angeles California, was deeply personal.

Johnny Gargano didn’t just cost Black the NXT title months ago. He then attacked him outside Full Sail, costing Black months of his career. Johnny doesn’t see himself as the villain though. He is so twisted currently, that he thinks he’s the hero in this story. Black is out to prove him wrong.

Gargano, rocking a sweet Punisher theme of his logo, at first seemed confused why the fans weren’t into him. But he soon embraced the boos.

Aleister’s (who’s wardrobe was impressive as well) rage led him to an initial flurry of offense, but the cooler Gargano took control. It was as if Black didn’t know what to expect with this new Johnny.

Black would keep himself in this, but a beautiful suicide dive into a DDT kept the ball in Gargano’s court.

They’d continue to dazzle us with the action, action that Johnny Gargano seemed to continually get the better of. Black would have his moments, but it was always back to Johnny.

Gargano had Black vulnerable and was going to go to his DIY knee to the head when Aleister sat in his crosslegged position and dared him do it. The Rebel Heart obliged but Black ducked and tried for a roll up. However, Johnny delivered a kick to the head, getting the better of that exchange.

The Dutch Destroyer finally got the advantage when he stopped another Gargano suicide dive with a big knee to the face. Black got his enemy in the ring where Johnny begged him to finish him with the Black Mass. But he reversed that into Gargano Escape. As Johnny shouted “I’m the hero,” it looked like Aleister would tap.

But Black fought out and delivered a big standing knee to the face. Then one without the knee pad. Then TWO Black Mass kicks that finally put Johnny down.

Is the NXT title next for Aleister? Likely. What’s less clear is if this loss pushed Johnny further down his well of villainy or has him starting to see the light.

Only time will tell.

Find all the results for TakeOver: War Games 2 here.

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