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AAA Lucha Capital Tournament recap & review: Bittersweet homecoming

The three week Stage 1 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament has concluded. All 24 luchadores have wrestled one match each. Week 3 featured Fenix, the return of Taya, a mini, intergender action, and an upset in my book.

Before we get to the recap, you can watch the full one hour and forty minute show for free on AAA’s Facebook page or skip through to the matches. You won’t be missing anything important if you just want the wrestling. Each bout was more or less ten minutes in duration.

Keyra vs Mascarita Sagrada (at 20:00) is a pass. The Mascarita that was under the mask did not move with the same vim and vigor as the luchador who performed in Lucha Underground. Texano vs Niño Hamburguesa (at 36:00) was okay. Taya vs Australian Suicide (at 1:01:00) had a finish that caught me off guard. The main event between Fenix and Golden Magic (at 1:16:00) was the best of the bunch. Both luchadores shined with plenty of cool moves.

On to the show...

This week’s episode began slightly different. Instead of La Griega and Vampiro warming up the crowd from inside the ring, they started in front of a AAA banner to provide an introduction. Highlights from last week were mixed in. They eventually made their way ringside for the usual procedure.

The peak viewership number by my count was 4,000. Once again, it was during the first match of the evening. This show seemed to stay steady around 3,500 live viewers during the fights.

Mascarita Sagrada defeated Keyra

Keyra started with height-advantaged heel tactics. At one point, she even untied Mascarita Sagrada’s mask and attempted to remove it. So ruda.

Experience versus youth. The beginning had a brief exchange of fast-paced feeling out. The rest of the match was mostly Keyra in control with a slow simmering beatdown. Highlights include a double underhook slam by Keyra and a sitdown front slam also by Keyra.

For the finish, Keyra went for another slam, but Mascarita shimmied out for a roll-up and victory. It felt like a fast count from the referee, especially from that ref who has a notoriously slow three count. I hope Keyra beat him up in the locker room.

Texano Jr. defeated Niño Hamburguesa

The crowd was a little rudo-centric in Week 3. At one point, Texano whipped Niño Hamburguesa with a bull rope. The fans chanted for another, and Texano obliged.

This match was a fairly even affair. Texano slowed the pace with submissions. Highlights include a nifty striking combo by Hamburguesa followed by a standing leg drop and a bowling ball maneuver by Hamburguesa.

For the finish, the hamburger man climbed the corner. Texano was too quick and turned it into a powerbomb sending the huge man off the middle rope. That was enough damage for a three count.

Halftime was another arm wrestling competition. La Griega chose a teenager from the crowd. The surprise opponent was Dave the Clown. When they locked hands, the kid immediately tossed a glass of water in Dave’s face. They did a redo, and La Griega used all her might to help the bespectacled chap win.

Australian Suicide defeated Taya

Australian Suicide entered with the MAD mask. He was lippy with La Griega in the pre-match interview. Taya was gushing with jubilation upon her entrance. At the end of the show, Taya almost cried in an interview about wrestling back in Mexico.

Their match struck as comedy yet serious. Australian Suicide let out girly screams during one-on-one fisticuff sessions with Taya. In one moment, they brawled into the crowd. Australian Suicide placed Taya on a bar table, but he missed a standing backflip. That led to Taya curb stomping his face onto a sandwich.

For the finish, Australian Suicide executed a rope-hung DDT followed by a shooting star press for the 1, 2, 3.

That ending surprised me when considering it was Taya’s big return to Mexico. I thought for sure she would have won, but this was a good swerve. On an athletic level, there is no shame in losing to Australian Suicide.

In case you were wondering, Taya is only back with AAA for the Lucha Capital tournament.

I didn’t expect her to return full-time, but perhaps a smooth partnership will pave the way for future appearances at big shows.

Fenix defeated Golden Magic

The main event was a blast. Highlights include a backward springboard corkscrew to the outside by Golden Magic, a moonsault by Fenix, a springboard flying headscissors by Golden Magic to Fenix who was standing on the top rope, and a 450 splash by Golden Magic.

For the finish, Fenix kicked out of a rolling pin off the top rope. After seeing an unexpected loss from Taya, those two sucked me in on that kick out. I believed Golden Magic was going to pull off the huge upset. The previously mentioned 450 splash was next, which Fenix also kicked out at two.

Golden Magic walked over to Fenix to call his shot. Golden Magic ran across the ring, however, Fenix sprang to life to sprint behind his opponent and land a spinning kick off the ropes. Fenix hoisted Golden Magic onto his shoulders for a spinning muscle buster and the win.

Week 3 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament was cool overall, but the vibe felt a little off compared to the first two weeks. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was that the matches were more or less one right after the other with less filler in between. Maybe it was the slower pace of the first two bouts. Maybe it lacked the same amount of humor (intentional and unintentional). Maybe it was just me.

I didn’t laugh as often this week, but Vampiro did have a silly moment. His announce partner tried pointing out the main camera, but Vamp couldn’t spot it so his eyes were looking off into the distance. Later, Vampiro said he was going to fight the production crew for playing a joke on him.

I was a little disappointed in the first two matches. I wanted to see Niño Hamburguesa go hog wild. Then again, Texano knows how to rope hogs, so it could have been a bad stylistic matchup.

The last two bouts were entertaining. It was neat to see Taya back in Mexico. Her loss was a huge shocker. It adds a nice touch of unpredictability for Stage 2’s round of singles action. Fenix was looking on point. He has to be the number one favorite right now to win the entire tournament. I see five top guys vying for four spots in the semi-finals; Fenix, Pentagon Jr., Killer Kross, Pagano, and Psycho Clown. Who do you think gets the boot first?

Stage 2 will be underway next Wednesday. Tune in at 8:30pm Mexico City time (9:30pm ET) for Week 4 of AAA’s Lucha Capital tournament.

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