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Cup of coffee in the big time: Survivor Series invasion angles are the best — and make perfect sense

The November Invasion has now taken place with SmackDown’s women invading Raw to deliver a one-sided beating led by The Man, herself.

Sure, the Survivor Series invasion angles are old hat at this point, and most of us have probably been sitting around for a few weeks waiting for it. But the angle falls firmly into the segment of pro wrestling tropes I simply can’t get enough of.

There’s always a little bit of a sense the storytelling doesn’t quite add up, with hated rivals uniting to attack the other brand — and celebrate after.

But that’s the story of more than one team in history. You may hate your teammate from Monday to Saturday, but on Sunday, you hate that other team more. You fight, you win, you celebrate and wake up the next day with that same hatred in your heart.

Being the best player on the worst team also isn’t the most glamorous proposition for men and women of great ego, which the larger than life characters on our screens Monday and Tuesday nights are without exception.

In that, there’s enough logic to make sense of an invasion such as the women in blue pulled off last night (Mon., Nov. 13). It’s certainly no less sensical than the idea Dean Ambrose set up a barrel fire, grabbed a cameraman and a monitor and knew exactly the moment Seth Rollins would say the phrase he’d use as an interruption on the Tron — all so he could pour “gasoline” on his Shield vest and burn it while the fire gave no reaction to the gas. If I can suspend my disbelief for that, I can certainly handle rivals briefly coming together in brand pride.

Now, I’ll sit back and hope for some return fire from Team Red tonight when SmackDown Live hits the air.

Happy Invasion Tuesday!

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