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William Regal wants wrestlers to stop getting dropped on their heads

A tweeted clip featuring a spot from an indie show caught the eye of WWE’s William Regal, and Triple H’s point man for talent development & recruiting saw it as an opportunity to share a hard earned lesson.

Namely, getting dropped on your head will mess your neck up.

The video looks to be from Glory Pro Wrestling’s Fear of the Dark show on Sun., Nov. 11, and features Brody King being driven head first into the ring apron by Kevin Lee Davidson. King quote-tweeted it, and Regal responded...

While Regal acknowledges that offering unsolicited advice probably won’t make much of a difference, it did garner thanks from King. It also led to this exchange between Regal and another person:

Seems straight forward enough, but if you watch much wrestling - including stuff that takes place in WWE rings - you’ll see performers taking bumps that end with the top of their heads crashing into the mat or other hard objects. Given that Regal admits his neck required surgery despite proper training, the lesson appears to be that since it’s impossible to completely predict when you’ll take a spine-altering shot in this business/artform, don’t do ones designed to send you crashing down on your dome.

Since I’m not trained and have zero legs to stand on when it comes to offering wrestling advice, I’ll take the old villain’s lead and offer some to my fellow fans. You probably won’t listen to me, because I know 20-something me watching ECW or Attitude Era Mankind matches would have cheered whatever he wanted to. but...

Stop popping for and tweeting video & GIFs of wrestlers getting dropped on their heads.

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