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Don’t call them the Bullet Club

Cody Rhodes on Twitter

It’s a transition which has been happening for a while, and on Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea, the cast of Being The Elite made it official. Don’t call them the Bullet Club...

During a recording of Talk is Jericho done on the ship, Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks broke down the group’s history with the New Japan-owned faction/brand name and officially unveiled the not surprising, but presumably creator-owned name they’ll be going by moving forward:

“Myself, Kenny Omega and my brother, we attacked AJ Styles and called ourselves ‘The Elite’ of Bullet Club.

In the beginning it was a subgroup of the Bullet Club and we had a lot of fun, we decided to start a traveling vlog of May of [2016], called Being the Elite. After awhile, Nick, Kenny, and I realized there’s only so many times we can show us going through airport security. So, we should probably introduce some new characters. Obviously, our first choice was to pick our friends from our unit, Bullet Club, because naturally we travel with these guys, we hang out with these guys, and we do basically everything together.

For a long time now, it seems like everybody kind of excluded [The Elite] and we got called ‘The Being the Elite Guys,’ ‘BTE Guys,’ or ‘The Elite.’

It’s not like I’m going to make this crazy announcement because it just feels natural, right? I think everyone on the ship can agree, it’s not just Kenny, me, and Nick as The Elite, we’re all elite. So, from this very day forward, why don’t we just call all of us The Elite?”

As Jackson says, it’s not like any of this is news. All the members of the crew made a big deal on social media about their “last” Bullet Club themed merch a few weeks back, and Cody Rhodes has declared himself separate from that group several times recently.

What is interesting is what this means for their impending free agency. Nothing about separating from the Bullet Club brand makes it more likely they’ll go to WWE, but it does drop their biggest tie to New Japan.

Stay tuned...

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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