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AAA Lucha Capital Tournament: Week 1 preview, live results, and open thread

If you are yearning for some live lucha libre, then AAA has a treat for you. AAA will be hitting it hard with an international tournament starting tonight. Celebrate good times, come on!

The Lucha Capital tournament will span over eight consecutive Wednesdays at 8:30pm Mexico City time. Best of all, you can watch for free live on AAA’s Facebook page. If you can’t view live, don’t worry. The replay will be posted.

Time note: Mexico did the daylight savings time change last Sunday. The October 31 show will air at 10:30pm ET in the USA. After the US changes their time next Sunday (Nov. 4), the November 7 show, and beyond, will air at 9:30pm ET.

The format awards points to match winners, but it is simpler to think of it as everyone gets two singles bouts during the first six weeks. Those with two wins will move on to the final evening. During week seven, those with one win will attempt to qualify for the finale.

The finale (Dec. 19) will have quarterfinals of three-ways with the winners moving on to singles bouts in the semifinals and final.

Talent will be from AAA, MAD, Elite, Impact, and Lucha Underground. In reality, most of them are pretty much AAA even if not officially recognized as such. The list of participants is Psycho Clown, Murder Clown, Pagano, Taurus, Pentagon Jr., Puma King, Vanilla Vargas, La Hiedra, Killer Kross, Hijo del Vikingo, Laredo Kid, Drago, Aerostar, Maximo, Lady Shani, Lady Maravilla, Fenix, Golden Magic, Texano Jr., Niño Hamburguesa, Australian Suicide, Mascarita Sagrada, Keyra, and Taya.

Oh, yeah. Taya is back in the AAA mix. We-ra lo-ca!

Scarlett Bordeaux was mentioned during the event announcement, but she’s not listed on the main poster. She would make 25, which makes the numbers off. So, either Scarlett will not be present in the ring or someone will get bounced.

The event will be hosted at Pinche Gringo BBQ. I think Killer Kross is the only American in the field. It would be funny if he takes exception to the restaurant’s name and causes a ribs ruckus.

The setting seems like an interesting choice. Lucha libre in a bar/restaurant. The atmosphere should be pretty cool with possibly live music. La Griega (in a Mean Gene role) will be doing backstage interviews. Fan interaction will also be pushed. We’ll have to see how much of a role that plays in the broadcast. I’m thinking filler between bouts.

Last but not least, tonight’s show should have a groovy vibe with Halloween and Day of the Dead. Vampiro said his costume will be the ex-luchador Vampiro.

Join us here for the show to chat in the open thread. If you have never used Facebook to watch live shows, check out this handy video to help. It is about WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge, but the process must be the same. Go to instead.

NOTE: Please, do not discuss Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha Cuatro results. Some of us, like myself, will not have seen the episode before watching the Lucha Capital tournament.

Let’s preview tonight’s action.

Lucha Libre AAA

Taurus vs Pagano

Taurus is literally dressed like a minotaur. If you are thinking something lame like Mantaur, I don’t blame you. But, Taurus is actually cool. You’ll have to trust me. Plus, he can go in the ring.

Pagano has a style reminiscent of Vampiro. Hardcore. In the ring, he’s a little slow but can pull off some neat stuff from time to time.

Vanilla Vargas vs La Hiedra

Vanilla Vargas is a newcomer (less than a year in AAA) out of Puerto Rico. She has an athletic physique and likes to shake her booty. I think she has a bright future and should be on WWE’s radar.

I don’t know what to say about La Hiedra. She’s tall and thick. La Hiedra has always been entertaining in the matches I’ve seen, but she hasn’t been a focal point. So, she hasn’t necessarily been there to shine.

Psycho Clown vs Murder Clown

Psycho Clown is the number one guy in AAA. He is beloved and gets cool entrance gimmicks, like a fire shooting oversized hand and a flame throwing guitar. I don’t find his style particularly enjoyable, but he does have legions of fans for a reason. Maybe he’ll be your cup of tea.

Murder Clown is a big man. He is one of the hossiest hosses in AAA. When entertaining, he has fierce power moves and even takes to the air at times. When boring, he just brawls.

They used to be friends in the Psycho Circus, then foes when Psycho turned face, and now friends again. It will be interesting to see if Murder acts rudo-ish or remains on the level.

Puma King vs Pentagon Junior

I’m not very familiar with Puma King. He moves on the ropes like a cat.

Pentagon Junior will be the most recognized luchador stateside from tonight’s matches. He has a unique charisma that captures the awe of the audience. His catchphrase is Cero Miedo, and he lives up to it.

I would say Pentagon Junior is the only lock to win tonight. Vanilla Vargas vs La Hierda is a toss up. Pagano and Psycho Clown will be tough choices to predict. They are the favorites, but there is no shame in losing to Taurus or Monster Clown. I could see both of them losing tonight to build suspense in their second match. AAA will need a top star to draw in stage three (week seven) of last chances to get to the finale.

My picks are Taurus, La Hiedra, Monster Clown, and Pentagon. Who are you predicting?

Quick results:

Pentagon Junior defeated Puma King via package piledriver.

Psycho Clown defeated Murder Clown via Code Red.

Pagano defeated Taurus via reverse hurricanrana head spike.

Vanilla Vargas defeated La Hiedra via hurricanrana pin.

Tune in tomorrow to Cageside Seats for a recap and review.

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