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AAA Roundup: Referee chosen for Jeff Jarrett’s hair vs hair, Los Mercenarios, Skeleton-man feud

Welcome to the weekly roundup of AAA news and wrestling. Jeff Jarrett will have an advantage in his upcoming hair vs hair fight, Faby Apache is facing young lionesses, and a legend returned. Part 2 of Gira de Conquista (pre-Triplemania) from Veracruz featured the formation of Los Mercenarios and more bad blood for a skeleton-man feud.

Referee chosen for Jeff Jarrett’s hair vs hair

El Hijo de Tirantes will be the referee for the hair vs hair match between Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. at Héroes Inmortales XII on October 28.

Seeing Konnan in that photo probably means some screwery was afoot.

Jeff Jarrett showed his respect. Dr. Wagner Jr. not so much. Wagner called Tirantes a traitor to Mexico.

Tirantes’ claims that he can be trusted to enforce the rules are laughable. Jarrett chimed in with a bald-faced lie about Tirantes being the most honorable ref in the world. Tirantes is more crooked than the NWO’s Nick Patrick. I love these silly fibs. It is entertaining and usually makes me want to root against them in a fun way.

New challengers for the Reina de Reinas Championship

It had been previously announced that Faby Apache would be defending her Reina de Reinas Championship at Héroes Inmortales XII in a four-way against Keyra, Starfire, and a surprise luchadora. A video was released building the hype.

Keyra picked up a surprise win in a non-title affair. After, Keyra and Starfire cut promos about winning the Reina de Reinas belt. New blood is coming with everything. Faby said something about them being rookies, but she will give them the privilege of an opportunity.

It is curious to see Lady Shani stand in Faby’s corner. I guess they squashed their beer after Triplemania. Or AAA ties against Elite are stronger than Shani’s hatred for Faby.

Blue Demon Jr. is back

That’s right, Blue Demon Jr. returned to AAA this past weekend.

I don’t know how long he was gone or how long he will stay. I’ll always be interested to see legends, since they generally have a big deal feel.

Why Fenix wears a mask, bro

Vice posted a nice little video interview with Fenix talking in English about his mask.

I enjoy how Fenix speaks with such enthusiasm. I do wonder if he learned English from old wrestling promos with his frequent use of the word bro. It sounds funny, in a good way. Keep it up, bro Fenix. I can imagine silly conversations with his bro, Pentagon.

Gira de Conquista

This week’s episode of Gira de Conquista (pre-Triplemania) was Part 2 from Veracruz. This show had the moment when El Hijo del Fantasma dissed a little kid.

One thing I noticed in the Veracruz shows is that there has been an increase in video production. This week had highlight packages and mini recaps of MAD moments in between the matches. It did start to feel a bit tedious between fights two and three. If they show new stuff each week, it could be cool. If they show the same packages over and over again, it will become annoying.

Anyway, on to the stories...

Los Mercenarios are born

There is a new super group in AAA. El Hijo del Fantasma, Texano, Rey Escorpion, and La Mascara. There is also that big tubby dude as an enforcer. There have been hints of this union over the past month. It finally came together in Veracruz.

Lucha Libre AAA

In a trios match (at 55:00, full fight), Fantasma, Texano, and Escorpion teamed against Mascara, Maximo, and Laredo Kid. I was thinking, “Deez, AAA is really dragging the Mascara and Maximo storyline.” Last time they teamed, Mascara made it clear he was finished with Maximo.

Once the bell rang, Mascara turned and attacked Maximo for a 4-on-2 beating. Applause to AAA. They got me with that surprise. The rudos were ruthless. Texano bull rope whipped Maximo’s bare butt cheeks.

Mamba ran down with a chair to turn the tide. That is when the beating turned into an exciting match. Maximo hit a suicide dive and later a reverse tope. Laredo Kid hit a 360 splash on the double stack of Texano and Escorpion. Laredo also did a backflip off the top turnbuckle over the ring post to the outside. Fantasma executed his excellent tope and also won the contest with a Thrill of the Kill on Mamba, who wasn’t even a legal participant in the match.

Afterward, the new faction posed at the top of the stage. There was also video of a private conversation where naming took place.

The name Los Mercenarios came from Rey Escorpion, because they are cabrones. They aren’t tied to any company nor anyone. Together, they are going to kick ass. I don’t know exactly what ‘romper madres’ translates to in a slang sense.

Fantasma clarified that he is still a lone wolf, for the moment. He has missions to complete (Poker de Ases). But, he will stand by the group’s side whenever it is necessary.

I really like the pairing. If AAA ever wanted to do a Four Horsemen facsimile, this group is as good as could be. The tag champs, Texano and Escorpion, are beefy brawlers. Mascara is a solid performer. Fantasma is the marquee man. Put them in suits and let them strut.

Skeleton-man feud

Lucha Libre AAA

First off, go enjoy the quick match between Aerostar & Drago and Taurus & El Hijo del LA Park. After the fight, La Parka Negra pulled a punk move by ambushing Hijo del LA Park. Hijo got the better of Negra in the end. That led to a promo.

Hijo said that the only original La Parkas are his father and him. He then challenged Negra mano a mano, mask vs mask. No answer was given.

I’d be on board for that mask match. The town is full of La Parkas and one will have to go.

Other action:

Taurus & Hijo de LA Park defeated Aerostar & Drago

Thumbs up for this match (at 14:00). Aerostar had some sweet moves with a springboard splash and using Hijo de LA Park’s body as a stepping stool for a flying bomb to the outside.

Lucha Libra AAA

The finish began when Taurus took out Drago with a spear. Hijo de LA Park executed a sitdown piledriver on Aerostar, then Taurus followed up with a spinning slam to pin the spaceman.

El Poder del Norte defeated Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera, & Ciclon Ramirez

Joe Lider entered the match (at 55:00, full fight) with a hand stapler. Yes, he used it once. This was my first time seeing Ciclon Ramirez. He had some neat high-flying moments.

Juventud Guerrera was the star of the fight with his theatrics. He also had some exciting moves, like a flying elbow drop and took this head-snapping dropkick to the mush.

Lucha Libre AAA

For the finish, Juvi turned on Ciclon via suplex slam, because Juvi is dickhead. No other reason. One frog splash, two frog splash for the pin and win to El Poder del Norte.

That wraps up another week of AAA. There was exciting wrestling action and intriguing stories being built. Even though Part 2 from Veracruz was pre-Triplemania, it still felt fresh. The stories were more than just focusing on Faby Apache vs Lady Shani and Poker de Ases. Let’s hope next week is also that way rather than stale build for an event that happened over a month ago.

What do you think about Los Mercenarios? Who are you siding with in La Parka Negra vs El Hijo de LA Park? Are you drinking the Juvi Juice?

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