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Jeff Jarrett was screwed and shaved bald


AAA’s Héroes Inmortales XII went down tonight (Sun., Oct. 28). The headliner was a hair versus hair match between Jeff Jarrett and Dr. Wagner Jr. It has been bad blood for quite awhile. As you would expect with a AAA main event, it was not on the level.

Let’s begin with Jarrett’s pre-show tweet of a photo comparison of Wagner to trash. If Jarrett knows one word in Spanish, that word would be basura.

Yes, it was simple, but I still laughed.

An early show promo brought intrigue into the mix. Jarrett entered the ring accompanied by his wife (Karen Jarrett) and Los Mercenarios (Hijo del Fantasma, Texano Jr., and Rey Escorpion). Fantasma did the translating for the crowd.

Jarrett talked about how a referee of integrity was in place for his big bout and that he would not be screwed in Mexico. That referee was El Hijo de Tirantes. If you are unaware, El Hijo de Tirantes is as crooked as a hung painting in an earthquake. However, El Hijo de Tirantes had not yet arrived to the arena.

The Queen of the Mountain took the mic. Karen said they were going to shave Wagner’s ‘piece of shit’ head. Oh my.

Enter Dr. Wagner Jr. He wore his Johnny Mundo knockoff jacket and a flimsy Burger King crown. He did have a sweet shirt though. I’m biased, because I wear those kinds of shirts. Wagner threw the American flag onto the ground outside the ring. I’m not very patriotic, but that surprised me.

Wagner led the crowd in some, “Eh, puto,” chants until Scarlett Bordeaux came on the scene. She tried to occupy Wagner’s attention but was met with an, “Eh, puta,” chant. That distraction was all that was needed for Jarrett and Los Mercenarios to pummel Wagner.

Who would save Wagner? Blue Demon Jr.

On to the main event itself. Jeff Jarrett wore a mask with an American flag design. He was flanked by his wife and Rey Escorpion waving the American flag. Dr. Wagner Jr. was escorted by Blue Demon Jr.

Time for part one of AAA’s story shenanigans. El Hijo de Tirantes entered in a Bobby Heenan neck brace. He was wearing weird jeans. Jordache, perhaps? Anyway, El Hijo de Tirantes announced that he had been beaten up. “Jeff, I’m so sorry...”

Enter the AAA’s Director of Talent, Vampiro. He had to do what was best for the safety of El Hijo de Tirantes and switch referees. The always eloquent Vampiro basically told El Hijo de Tirantes to F off.

Ding, ding, ding. Let’s lucha this.

Jarrett began by backing away up the ramp. Wagner slowly followed, only to be attacked by Rey Escorpion. Jarrett capitalized with many minutes of ringside brawling. Karen got in the action with various back scratches and also passing a foreign object to her husband for fist pounding.

I was wondering why Blue Demon Jr. didn’t do a good job as Wagner’s enforcer. Hint, hint.

Wagner turned the tide in the ring with a reverse Irish whip into a turnbuckle chair. Blood by both was abound.

The replacement referee chosen by Vampiro did no better than what the previously assigned El Hijo de Tirantes would have done. The counts were extremely slow in favor of Jarrett.

Wagner took offense and smashed the referee. Guitar shattering chaos broke out, which led to a major swerve.

Blue Demon Jr. whacked Wagner with a chair shot. Yes, it was telegraphed a mile away, but I was still shocked when it occurred.

Wagner had numbers against him for a major beating until Psycho Clown ran down to the ring to assist Grandpa Sexy. I think Wagner blasted Jarrett with a second guitar. (I can’t read my notes. I have not yet acquired the skill of writing while watching simultaneously.) A backup referee ran to the ring for a quick count on Jarrett. Screw job!

Wagner knuckle knocked Karen on the top of the head, then he shaved an unconscious Jeff bald.

I may have or may not have shed a tear at Jarrett losing his hair. No comment. Jarrett was done dirty. His hair should be collected and glued back onto his head.

Plenty of questions need answering. Who attacked the referee El Hijo de Tirantes? Why did Blue Demon Jr. turn on Dr. Wagner Jr.? (Most likely a set up for the Triplemania XXVII main event.) Will Karen Jarrett still love a bald husband?

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