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CMLL Roundup: New heavyweight champ, Pentagon, Legends in action

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Let’s get caught up on the past week’s news and wrestling action. Up first are the match recommendations in case you want to watch before learning the winners.

Match recommendations

The pick of the week is the Copa Halcón Suriano from Viernes Espectacular. The torneos ciberneticos all always jam-packed. It doesn’t seem to matter which luchadores are involved. The excitement level is on point. The match begins at the 39 minute mark.

Monday’s show (Oct. 15) was highlighted by Mistico, Caristico, and David Finlay against Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, and Euphoria. It was just as enjoyable as most trios matches are, but nothing to go out of your way for.

Tuesday’s show (Oct. 16) had the most important match of the week. Ultimo Guerrero faced Diamante Azul for the vacant CMLL World Heavyweight Championship. It wasn’t as engrossing as Ultimo Guerrero against Michael Elgin last week, but it certainly had its moments.

Viernes Espectacular (Oct. 19) was full of lucha libre quirkiness. A torneo cibernetico, Pentagon in action, and Blue Panther in a 40th anniversary bout with some of his well-aged buddies. If you don’t have time for the longer tournament match, then I would suggest the Blue Panther atomicos contest. The old-timers flashed their skills, and who knows how many times we’ll get to see that happen in the future.

Ultimo Guerrero is the new CMLL World Heavyweight Champion


In a tough battle with Diamante Azul, Ultimo Guerrero reigned supreme to win the vacant heavyweight championship of CMLL. A super reverse suplex was the winning move. Match details can be read down below.

Angel de Oro won the Copa Halcón Suriano

A special torneo cibernetico was featured during the 40 year celebration of Blue Panther on Viernes Espectacular. Two teams of five lucha’d it out elimination-style until one luchador remained.

The final four were brothers El Angel de Oro and Niebla Rojo against Templario and Dragon Rojo Jr. The brothers took early control with a springboard moonsault, springboard splash, leapfrog dropkick, leapfrog flying crossbody to the outside, and another flying attack to the outside.

Back in the ring, Niebla Rojo and Templario traded two counts. Niebla hit a flipping powerbomb and Templario came back with a powerbomb maneuver onto his own knees. El Angel de Oro ran in for a slick transition to a rocking submission. Templario was eliminated.

There were a few minutes of exciting back and forth action before the next elimination. Dragon Rojo Jr. had Niebla in a powerbomb position. Dragon bounced Niebla’s back off the ropes for extra oomph on a powerbomb to eliminate Niebla.

Down to two. A rolling dropkick sent Dragon out of the ring. Angel followed with a cartwheel flip to the outside. Angel then went for a flying crossbody but Dragon dropkicked him for a two count. Leg drop by Angel for two. An exchange of fisticuffs led to an octopus submission by Dragon. Angel escaped then used the same submission on Dragon. Dragon touched the ropes with his foot to break the hold.

Angel climbed the corner, but Dragon forcefully pushed him down to the floor. Dragon then ran the ropes for a bouncy crossbody to the outside. Irish whip to Angel into the barrier. Two count. Dragon grew frustrated. A powerbomb and a flying double stomp looked like the end, but Angel kicked out again. Angel was selling like his guts were crushed. Dragon went for the rope bouncing powerbomb, however, Angel reversed into a hurricanrana pin for the win!

After the match, Dragon Rojo Jr. showed respect by handing the trophy to Angel de Oro.

Stukita will now be known as Halcón Suriano Jr.


During the Viernes Espectacular telecast, Stukita made the public proclamation to change his name in honor of his grandfather. Stukita worked in the mini division due to his short stature. Perhaps he’ll get a taste of the big boys with his new name.

On to the recap and reaction of the matches I watched from last week’s action.

Monday Arena Puebla (Oct. 15, 2018)

The main event was the primo contest of the evening. You can watch the entire event on YouTube.

Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, & Gran Guerrero defeated Caristico, David Finlay, & Mistico, 2-1 (at 1:37)

The Trios champs did not bring their belts with them. They must have been out for a polishing.

Fall 1 was a little on the slow side. The end was a cool triple submission by the Guerreros.


Fall 2 was for the other team to tie it up. I’m not sure which team was good and which was bad. David Finlay was playing heel. That was clear. He wasn’t dastardly, but he kept leaving the ring after contact. The win for that fall was a stunner by Finlay and a whirling arm breaker by Caristico.

Fall 3 gave the victory to the Guerreros. After flying attacks by Finlay and Caristico took out Gran Guerrero and Euforia, Gran Guerrero executed a super face suplex to Caristico for the captain pin.

Tuesday Arena Mexico (Oct. 16, 2018)

Once again, the main event was the only bout for me. You can watch the entire event on YouTube.

Ultimo Guerrero defeated Diamante Azul, 2-1 (at 1:51), to win the vacant CMLL World Heavyweight Championship

Take a gander at the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship belt in all its glory. I’ve never seen it before. Not too shabby.


Fall 1 began with the two luchadores testing each other out. Ultimo Guerrero landed a weak kick that humorously sent Diamante Azul rolling across the ring. Diamante Azul rebounded with a military press sitdown slam for the three count.

Fall 2 had two huge monkey flips from Diamante Azul to Ultimo Guerrero. Diamante had the control until Guerrero evaded on the apron. Diamante slid out of the ring. Upon returning, Diamante ran straight into a successful octopus submission.

The first two falls were sort of sudden. Fall 3 had the heavy moves and dramatic kick outs. The first big impact was outside the ring. Guerrero ran and jumped over the fan barrier for a flying clothesline to Diamante. Diamante had a nice running ramp dive shortly after.

Later in the ring, Diamante connected on a powerbomb with a fancy bridge pin for a two count. A super facebuster from Guerrero received a two count. Diamante caught a running crossbody and turned it into a backbreaker for a two count. Guerrero blocked a super hurricanrana and countered with a super powerbomb for a two count. Diamante had a huge powerslam, but only a two count yet again.

The final blow came when Diamante climbed the corner and chatted up the crowd. Guerrero sprang to life to execute a reverse suplex of the super nature.


That was the maneuver which finally earned a three count.

Viernes Espectacular (Oct. 19, 2018)

The Friday show was thumbs up. It was fairly entertaining all the way through. You can watch the entire event on YouTube.

Pegasso & Stigma defeated Cancerbero & El Coyote, 2-1 (at 3:00)

El Coyote wore a cowboy hat and tasseled vest, much like you would imagine for a male stripper.

Fall 1 went to the bad guys after a nifty side slam variation and a pretzel submission. Fall 2 to the good guys after a pair of fanciful roll-up pins. Fall 3 for a tecnicos victory when Pegasso completed a leg scissors to the head for a roll-up and Stigma wore his aggressor like a backpack and dropped for a jawbreaker.

The bigger talking point, in my opinion, is the mini who has a fondness of splashing on luchador balls. I didn’t catch his name, but that mini does the same move every single time he appears. He is like some sort of nut cracker torture gremlin.

Mistico, Valiente, & Diamante Azul defeated Negro Casas, Dark Magic, Felino, 2-0 (at 21:00)

There were two rivalries within this contest; Mistico and Negro Casas as well as Diamante Azul and Dark Magic. I would like to see both of those have a proper singles match. One day hopefully.

Fall 1 to the tecnicos via fancy roll-up. Negro Casas ran the ropes, Mistico dropkicked him in the thigh, then Mistico rolled Casas with a magistral cradle.

Fall 2 had an impressive display of strength when Diamante Azul one-hand military pressed Casas.


The finish began when Mistico took air for a flying attack to the outside on Casas. In the ring, Valiente smashed Felino with a frontcracker, while Diamante banged Dark Magic with a bridging German suplex.

Copa Halcón Suriano (at 39:00)

A torneo cibernetico would determine the victor. The teams were Blue Panther Jr., Black Panther, Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, and Stuka Jr. against Templario, Misterioso Jr., Espanto Jr., Luciferno, and Dragon Rojo. The tecnicos had their masks split in half with one side being of Blue Panther to honor the special guest of the evening. It looked pretty cool as a special attraction tied into the theme of the show.


One occurrence of note dealt with Blue Panther Jr. He attempted a flying attack, but misstepped on the ropes and crashed violently to the floor. Yes, I laughed. I’m not mentioning it to point out a botch. Later, a stretcher came out to remove Blue Panther Jr. from the vicinity. I don’t know if it was a legit injury or a way to eliminate Blue Panther Jr. to save face (not be pinned) at an event honoring his father. The announcers did not seem concerned in the slightest.

The order of elimination was as follows:

1. Espanto Jr. via arm breaker by Blue Panther Jr.
2. Black Panther via kneebreaker by Misterioso Jr.
3. Luciferno via missile splash by Stuka Jr.
4. Blue Panther Jr. via stretcher by the doctors
5. Misterioso Jr. via pendulum submission by Niebla Roja
6. Stuka Jr. via octopus submission by Dragon Rojo
7. Templario via rocking submission by Angel de Oro
8. Niebla Roja via powerbomb by Dragon Rojo
9. Dragon Rojo via hurricanrana pin by Angel de Oro
Winner: Angel de Oro

Blue Panther, Black Warrior, Panterita del Ring, & Euphoria defeated Mascara Año 2000, Sanson, Cuatrero, & Forastero, 2-1 (at 1:27)

Blue Panther entered with a cowboy hat and poncho. They awarded a plaque to his family and him. The pre-match festivities began at 1:13. The dancers wore special cowgirl outfits with masks and tails in honor of Blue Panther.


The atomicos bout was standard best-of-three rules. Fall 1 had a sweet move I’ve never seen before. Two of the younger bad guys did a teamwork rolling monkey flip to slingshot into fallen opponents in the corner. The rudos cleaned up with a pin off that assault and an octopus submission by Mascara Año 2000.

Fall 2 was controlled by the rudos until Euphoria performed a series of whirling backbreakers. A flying leg drop from Black Warrior and a backflip splash from Panterita del Ring evened the tally.

Fall 3 showcased the legends’ sweet skills. Panterita had a suicide dive into an arm drag move that I’ve never witnessed prior. For the finish, suicide dives all around by the four tecnicos cleared the scene. In the ring, Blue Panther met Mascara Año 2000. An elbow took Blue Panther down to the mat. Back on his feet for a split-second tie-up, an arm breaker was slapped on as Blue Panther won the match on his cherished evening.

Rush, El Terrible, & Cavernario defeated Caristico, David Finlay, & Penta 0M , 2-1 (at 1:57)

The rudos were in firm control of the majority of the match. Their accompanying mini even got in on the action when he splashed David Finlay and 619’d Caristico. I guess that is a neat rite of passage for Finlay to claim pride in.

Fall 1 to the rudos after three consecutive running clotheslines to Caristico in the corner. A triple dropkick sealed the deal as Rush pinned the captain. The tecnicos finally had a surge after a flying crossbody by Finlay in Fall 2. A stunner by Finlay and a whirling arm breaker by Caristico evened it up.

Penta 0M woke up for Fall 3. He began by pushing his teammates. Penta did his cero miedo hand sign in Cavernario’s face. The caveman responded by wiping his armpit and rubbing it all over Penta’s face. Penta had some exciting action after that.

The finish was a big swing by El Terrible into a Rush dropkick for poor Finlay. Terrible covered him for one pin, while Rush crushed Penta with a double underhook piledriver for the other pin.


After the match, doctors checked on Penta’s neck. I’m not sure if it was precautionary or for dramatic effect.

Another entertaining week of lucha libre is in the books. The thing that stuck out most to me is a desire for a feud between Rush and Penta 0M. Penta was sort of chumpish in his trios bout. Let me revise the earlier statement. Give me Rush vs Pentagon DARK. That would be fire.

Who do you want to see challenge Ultimo Guerrero for the heavyweight championship? Do you enjoy legend contests? What was your favorite match or moment of the week in CMLL?

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