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Lucha Underground recap & review (Oct. 17, 2018): Is Jake Strong the limo lord?

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The nineteenth episode of season four (Oct. 17) for Lucha Underground featured a battle royal, two big returns, what might have been a huge reveal, and more build toward Ultima Lucha Cuatro.

That’s now three weeks in a row with no deaths. I’d like to think we are in the clear, but they could be saving the remaining carnage for the finale.

Antonio Cueto and Jake Strong office segment

Antonio Cueto was gazing upon the Gift of the Gods medallions when Jake Strong entered Cueto’s office. Cueto said Strong has been more dominant than he could have imagined, so there is no reason Cueto can’t squeeze Strong into the main event of Ultima Lucha Cuatro.

Strong declined that offer. He didn’t want anything handed to him. Instead, Cueto offered an Aztec medallion to Strong and a chance to prove his dominance tonight. “I’ve seen the sacrifices you’ve fed to your son. You better save some for me.”

Upon exiting, Strong turned around, “Oh Cueto, this isn’t your Temple anymore. It’s mine.” OH MY GOODNESS. Strong’s voice was all growly on the last line. Is he the limo lord?

Cueto looked a little befuddled. Strong flashed a smile and laughed. Cueto nervously wrung his hands.

Battle Royal with Aerostar, PJ Black, Hernandez, Big Bad Steve, King Cuerno, Jake Strong, and Dante Fox

(That’s right, Dante Fox is back!)

El Conjunto Nueva Ola played us into the Temple.

Antonio Cueto announced that he hand-picked seven competitors to battle for the Gift of the Gods Championship. He skipped over the process of winning an Aztec medallion. The battle royal had the same rules as earlier this season. The winner can eliminate one luchador from next week’s Gift of the Gods match.

Cueto introduced his choices. The final person was a surprise return. Dante Fox!

They had some new camera angles this week. At times, it made Jake Strong look giant. His height dwarfed Big Bad Steve.

Aerostar did fancy, fancy spinning on Big Bad Steve. A back body drop by Aerostar sent Steve to the apron. Steve grabbed onto the ropes for balance then posed for the crowd. Aerostar attacked to 619-ish him to the ground below.

Big Bad Steve has been eliminated.

Hernandez soon found himself on the apron. Crotch chop to the crowd. Double running boot from PJ Black and King Cuerno sent Hernandez to the floor.

Hernandez has been eliminated.

Black and Cuerno were dueling, then Jake Strong clotheslined them onto the apron. Dante Fox ran at Strong, who provided leapfrog assistance. An airborne Fox kicked Black and Cuerno off the ledge.

PJ Black and King Cuerno have been eliminated.

Strong tossed both Aerostar and Fox onto the apron on opposite ends of the ring. Aerostar attempted a springboard maneuver but Strong bull rushed him to the ground.

Aerostar has been eliminated.

Fox snuck up from behind to oust Strong. The two battled for a brief bit. Strong had the upper hand after a rope to rope running clothesline crushed Fox. Strong tossed Fox out with ease.

Dante Fox has been eliminated. Jake Strong won the battle royal.

After the match, Strong chose not to eliminate anybody. He wants to destroy them all. Cueto obliged with a Seven to Survive elimination match next week. Oh, yeah. That should be good.

Strong wasn’t phased. “Is that all you got? You put anyone you want in the ring with me and I promise you I’ll snap them in half.” Cueto booked Strong vs Johnny Mundo for the main event of this same show.

Killshot vs Mack

Son of Havoc watched from the catwalk.

Slap. Slap! Killshot thought he was smooth by slapping Mack. Mack returned the favor by slapping the taste out of Killshot’s mouth.

Highlights include a standing backflip splash by Mack, Killshot double stomping a hung-up Mack, and a release German suplex by Mack. For the the finish, Mil Muertes came out of nowhere and speared Mack. The referee called for the bell.

Mack won by disqualification.

Son of Havoc got down there to help Mack with a springboard stomp to Mil’s back. That had little effect on Mil. Havoc and Killshot exchanged clubbing blows. Killshot pushed Havoc toward Mil for a chokeslam.

Killshot exited the ring with speed. He’s no dummy. There’s no telling if Mil would have attacked him too.

Mack back on his feet. He turned Mil around for a kick to the gut to set up a stunner. However, Mil caught the kick and executed a Flatliner.

Ivelisse, XO Lishus, and surprise guests in-ring promo

Matt Striker was in the ring to interview Ivelisse and XO Lishus. The duo was invited into a three-way elimination Trios bout with the Rabbits and Reptiles. The problem is that Joey Ryan is still injured from the White Rabbit’s gullet glove. They needed a new partner. That partner turned out to be...

Sammy Guevara!

Not so fast. Famous B entered with a 1,000+ page contract in his hand. Guevara entered Lucha Underground as a member of Infamous Incorporated. That contract still stands. A seven year one at that. If Guevara wants be in that match, he can team with Texano and Dr. Wagner Jr. “So, come on. Let’s go, right now. Come on, Sammy. You really don’t have a choice. Giiit!” The Believers began a, “Git,” chant.

Guevara was reluctantly on his way to exiting the ring. Mind change. Guevara ran the ropes for a flying attack to the outside at B. Guevara grabbed a trash can and tossed the contract inside. Then, he put the trashcan on B and superkicked him. Back in the ring, a new threesome was official.

Jake Strong vs Johnny Mundo

This was actually a lengthy main event. That has been a rarity in season four.

The story was speed vs power and Strong attacking Mundo’s leg. Highlights include a standing shooting star press by Mundo, Strong knocking Mundo off the turnbuckles into a crumpled heap of humanity, Mundo parkouring, Mundo powerbombing Strong onto the floor, and a top turnbuckle toss across the ring by Strong.

In the later stage of the match, the ankle lock was key. Strong first applied it in a transition of Mundo kicking out from a school boy pin. Mundo escaped. Superkick and Moolight Drive. Two count kick out by Strong.

After a little fighting, Mundo tried a superkick, but Strong caught it and slapped on the ankle lock again. Strong hung on despite various escape attempts. Mundo decided to toss his elbow pad across the mat. Referee Marty Elias retrieved it. In that brief moment, Mundo mule kicked Strong in the cojones. Genius strategy by the Wednesday Night Delight.

End of the World by Mundo. Slow cover. On the kick out, Strong went right into a third ankle lock. That was too much for Mundo. Tap, tap, tap.

Jake Strong submitted Johnny Mundo.

After the match, Strong was ready to snap Mundo’s ankle. Out came Matanza. Strong turned over Mundo’s carcass.

Matanza beat the crap out of Mundo with vicious headbutts. Taya on the scene to attack Matanza. She didn’t last very long. Wrath of the Gods to Taya. Matanza went back on top of a bloody Johnny. It was a mauling.

Antonio Cueto exited his office. He gave a nod and sideways head motion as if to say that’s enough, leave some for Ultima Lucha Cuatro. The two exited, while the Mundos lie beaten.

Most exhilarating episode of the season. I might be overly excited from just watching, but it sure was entertaining. The wrestling was as fine as it always is. The other stuff was what charged me up. Jake Strong’s evil voice, the returns of Dante Fox and Sammy Guevara, the anticipation for Seven to Survive, a surprising main event, and Matanza unleashed all caused an audible reaction from me.

So, is Jake Strong the limo lord with a human vessel? I’m referring to the shadowy ‘person’ in the limousine scenes with Councilman Delgado and Dario Cueto. After hearing that voice, Strong’s other lines made much more sense. Slamming his fist on the desk when speaking of man doubting his supremacy and also saying he’s aware about the 5,000 year history of the Aztec medallions.

Assuming that Strong is the limo lord, holy f-ing smokes. I’m all aboard the Jake Strong train now. Talk about turning a ho-hum fellow into the most interesting story in Lucha Underground. And it happened at warp speed. There is now a whole new spectrum in which to view Strong.

About the Aztec medallions, I don’t like how Antonio Cueto handed them out willy-nilly. Big Bad Steve has done diddly-squat in the Temple. Did he provide automotive work in exchange for a medallion? There used to be sense of prestige in earning those medallions. Now, it has become a lazy plot device. I hope they rectify that in season five.

Mack vs Killshot was what it was. A quick flash of excitement leading to a tease of Ultima Lucha Cuatro matches. Typical go-home booking. Mack and Killshot still have unfinished business. Let’s hope Lucha Underground picks that feud back up for season five.

Sammy Guevara was a pleasant surprise. He should be a quality addition to the Trios championship match. I hope Famous B mentioning Texano and Dr. Wagner Jr. wasn’t just a name drop. I wouldn’t mind seeing them at least once this season. The three-way could easily be turned into a four-way.

The main event was riveting. It was the type of match where I start not focused and they suck me in deeper and deeper as it progresses. Even though I sort of expected Strong to win, I was surprised that Johnny Mundo tapped. Side note: I enjoy seeing Jake Strong run the ropes. He looks like a locomotive on the loose.

Ultima Lucha Cuatro update:

  • Cero Miedo Match for the Lucha Underground Championship: Marty Martinez vs Pentagon DARK
  • Sacrifice to the Gods: Johnny Mundo vs The Monster Matanza Cueto
  • Death Match: Mil Muertes vs Mack
  • 2 Out of 3 Falls: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Fenix
  • Mask vs Mask: Son of Havoc vs Killshot
  • Taya Mundo vs Ricky Mundo
  • 3-Way Trios Championship Elimination Match: Ivelisse, XO Lishus, & Sammy Guevara vs Paul London, The White Rabbit, & El Bunny vs Kobra Moon, Daga, & Jeremiah Snake

That is seven matches so far. Dante Fox and King Cuerno are free, so I say match them up. No story needed. Jake Strong should have a bout and that would most likely be the full card.

Share your thoughts about the episode. How do you like the new trios team? Where do you think Jake Strong’s path will lead? Which two matches would you make to fill the card for Ultima Lucha Cuatro?

One more thing. New Lucha Underground hats are available at if you fancy.

See you next week for the Seven to Survive elimination extravaganza. That is a doozy of a way to close the regular season. Dante Fox didn’t get a chance to wow much in the battle royal, but I have no doubt he will be super awesome next week. Add in Jake Strong, Aerostar, PJ Black, King Cuerno, along with beefers Hernandez and Big Bad Steve. The excitement potential is lucha-tastic.

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