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Good news for people who want to see Alberto El Patron get beat up in a cage

If you’ve followed this site over the last few years - especially through the latter half of 2017 and early part of 2018 - chances are you’d like to see someone punch Alberto El Patron (real name Rodriguez, fka Del Rio in WWE).

Whether it was because of something specific he did - ranting about Triple H’s nose, no showing events, blaming Paige for every dramatic and possibly illegal thing which occurred during their relationship - or just a general vibe you got from the second generation luchador, we won’t judge. Violence is never the answer, of course, but we understand if you feel that way in this instance.

Alberto and his boss at the MMA promotion Combate Americas seem to recognize there’s a market for El Patron getting punched. On The MMA Hour, El Patron revealed to host Luke Thomas that he’ll be returning to mixed martial arts next year for a bout with a “former super champion”.

Now, if your reaction to this is to think the 2011 Royal Rumble winner is back on his bull$#!+, we wouldn’t judge you for that, either. Alberto’s inability to differentiate between reality and the legendary adventures he has in his head is Hogan-esque. But he is a former professional mixed martial artist. His record from fighting in Mexico and Japan during the aughts is 9-5. That’s mostly against the kind of guys Dana White tries to line up for fights with CM Punk, but still... He also made this claim on a big platform with Combate CEO Campbell McLaren not only sitting next to him but hinting this as-yet-unsigned fight might not be a one-and-done, so maybe there’s more validity to it than his numerous knife fight stories.

Bottom line is, if you want to see Alberto El Patron get beat up in a cage? Keep your fingers crossed and watch Combate Americas.

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