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Of course Jeff Jarrett’s first match after completing rehab included a ref bump and ended with him winning a title

Obviously, the cool news here is that Jeff Jarrett has completed a stint in rehab and is hopefully living a much healthier life - for him, his family and loved ones - than he was the last time one of his matches was mentioned here on Cageside.

But while the real life stuff is more important, wrestling is fun. And what’s more fun than Memphis championship rasslin’!?!?

It was “Wrestling Night” at the Grizzlies game last night (Friday, Jan. 5), so at halftime of the NBA contest, a ring was set up above the court where local hero/WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler battled Double-J for the Grizzlyweight title.

And just like an episode of Impact circa 2008... ref bump, guitar shot, NEW CHAMP!

That footage comes from Memphis sports radio host Kevin Cerrito. This shot, taken from the network broadcasting the game for the Grizzlies’ opponent, the Washington Wizards, shows that Jarrett probably should have gimmicked his guitar a little better.

And dig that shade from the D.C. announcer!

Hopefully The King is alright. Since it’s Memphis, you know he’ll eventually regain his crown. And welcome back, Jeff!

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