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First 205 Live house show canceled due to ‘routing and scheduling issues’


According to the venue which was set to host the first ever 205 Live house show, Kingston, Rhode Island’s Ryan Center, the Jan. 19 event has been canceled due to “routing and scheduling issues”. The show is also no longer listed on WWE’s ticketing page.

Full details on refunds are on The Ryan Center website here.

Saturday, Jan. 20’s Lowell, Mass. and Sunday, Jan. 21’s Poughkeepsie, NY shows are still on, per both and their respective venues, so maybe there really was an issue getting talent and production to The University of Rhode Island’s campus on Friday night.

That’s not going to stop people from thinking that the real issue was getting fans to buy tickets for the cruiserweight showcase, however.

Whatever the reason, this is the latest setback for the company’s efforts to establish 205 Live as a ‘fourth brand’ which can stand on its own beside Raw, SmackDown and NXT.

UPDATE: WWE has confirmed to multiple sources, including Cageside Seats, that the Lowell and Poughkeepsie shows will still go on as scheduled.

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