Women's Wrestling: The New Norm

With the signing of Ronda Rousey, the WWE is making a major push with their women's division. But there still remain some questions. Why couldn't the WWE have made this push with their vaunted Four Horsewomen? Why couldn't they with Asuka? In many ways, they are still treating the Women of WWE differently than the men. It was recently reported that Sasha Banks would be in favor of seeing the WWE introduce a tag team championship for the women. And watching an episode of Total Divas from the beginning of January has produced yet another way to improve the division.

Tag Team Titles:

Between Raw and Smackdown, there are plenty of women to create a tag team division, or tag team divisions. The current roster of superstars on both shows are as follows:


Alexa Bliss (c)

Alicia Fox



Dana Brooke

Mandy Rose

Mickie James

Nia Jax

Paige (retired)

Sasha Banks

Sonya Deville


Becky Lynch

Carmella (Money in the Bank)

Charlotte (Champion)


Liv Morgan



Nikki Bella

Ruby Riott

Sarah Logan


That's 10 on Raw and 11 on Smackdown. Down in NXT, there are several other women who could be brought up immediately or in the near future. As it stands right now there are too many superstars and not enough titles. With both Asuka and Nia Jax on Raw, the title is cluttered with women being billed as unstoppable. Smackdown doesn't have that problem but there are still too many women for the one title. WWE has already shown a willingness to create stables, with Absolution on Raw and Riott Squad on Smackdown they have created stables which could easily produce a tag team and a singles star. In Absolution, with the retirement of Paige, the WWE has a ready-made Tag Team.

They would need to bring up more women from NXT to make it work, but there is definitely room to create a Tag division. Of the 21 superstars currently on the roster, if you merge the Raw and Smackdown titles into on WWE Women's Championship, you have 20 without titles. Take 10 of those women and form 5 tag teams, one champion, and four additional teams. Then the remaining 10 women would form the basis of the singles division.

The second thing the women's division needs are handlers. There is a reason that the women's division can't break through to that next level without Ronda or perhaps even with Ronda. Key members of the women's evolution are bad talkers. Part of Bayley's lack of momentum on Raw has stemmed from her inability to talk. We all know that on the main roster, especially on Raw, it doesn't matter how good you are in the ring if you cannot talk. The same can be said of Asuka, it is obvious that her English skills are below those of Shinske and having a handler speak for her would help push her character. Before anyone think me sexist for recommending handlers, lets look at a few superstars who benefited from having their own mouthpiece: Brock Lesnar is not champion without Paul Heyman, Paul Bearer helped make Undertaker the hall of famer he is, and who can forget that the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart was a big part of the success of Hulk Hogan. Personally, I think the way they have billed Asuka is stupid and will only lead to more problems than benefits for the division. But to really sell her, to bring her to that next level, putting her with the Advocate Paul Heyman would be a huge boost for her. One drawback to putting anyone with Paul is that they automatically become heels, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing with Asuka. Afterall, we generally don't think of someone as unstoppable as a hero. Not to mention she shows tendencies in her performances in-ring that suggest someone who could be a great heel even if the fans love her.

Perhaps by bringing back some of the legends of the women's division would help make the case for those current superstars in need of help. Allowing someone like Bayley or Asuka to have a mouthpiece would allow them to focus on their in-ring performances more than having to concern themselves with talking. I'm sure we could name other main roster female superstars who would benefit from having a handler as well.

If the WWE wants to make the women's division break into that next level, by treating the female superstars the same as the men are what is needed. A tag team division gives more women the opportunity to have meaningful matches, and meaningful feuds. Introducing managers for those women who struggle with talking likewise opens the doors for those hampered by Vince's anti-wrestling agenda. Ronda Rousey may prove to be what the WWE needs to help break through to that next level, or she will prove to be another weight holding the division down because the WWE doesn't want to give her the tools to make her and the division great.

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