The Nightly: January 30th, 2018

Hello Nightly!!!!

So so what did everybody think of SmackDown? Seemed like a solid show. A better outing for SmackDown than in previous weeks. Speaking of SmackDown, watched last week’s episode and it was okay. Anyway, I started playing WWE Day Of Reckoning 2. Honestly, I liked the first one a lot better. I don’t know, the story was a bit weaker, and I hate the stamina system in the game. Plus, while the roster is bigger, it also doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s still a decent game, don’t get me wrong, but the first one was superior, IMO.

Also, happy birthday to Becky Lynch!!!! She’s my favorite wrestler, and I hope she had a Bextacular birthday! Even though WWE had her lose to Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman on her birthday. With her taking the pin. Sigh. Really hope they start booking her better soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

On to the Nightly.

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