Ranking Royal Rumbles: The 2018 Edition: Women



I Don't Give a Damn About Your Bad Reputation!

It took us 30 years to get to this moment, and it was pretty good.

Storytelling: 3/5

Match Quality: 4/5

Finish: 2/5-All these great current wrestlers and we finish with the Bellas

Winner: 4/5

Extracurricular: 4/5

TOTAL Bellas: 17/25

Great Moment You May Have Forgotten: Among the great returns was Beth Phoenix, who stood toe-to-toe with Nia Jax and stood knife-to-back with her friend Natalya.

Moment You Wish You Weren't Reminded Of: Among the not-so-great returns was Vickie Guerrero, who screamed bloody murder and the may have even let out a little too much gas if you catch my drift.


It was a moment we never thought would happen. After years of Bra-and-Panties, Total Divas, and Geriatric Bronco Busting, we finally had enough skilled women to not only have their own Royal Rumble match, but main event one of the biggest Pay Per Views of the year! But barely, and in order to fill it out we had to bring back some returning members of the Bra-and-panties and Total Divas, but it was still fun and brilliantly worked.

First off, I know some people were angered over the choice of Stephanie McMahon Helmsley to insert herself into the announcing booth, but she deserves credit. She was not heel McMahon, but a generally happy and proud individual of the work she has achieved the past few years. Kudos to that. It also didn't hurt that the two best women in the company, Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, appeared Matrix-style with their Red Title and Blue Title respectively. (It would've been nice if they were in the match, but at least they appeared).

Although there was little wiggle room to fill out 30 women, WWE did a great job brining back the proper names of yesteryear. They ranged from the good (Lita, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Jacqueline) to classics of their time (Molly Holly, Torrie Wilson) to the terrible (Kelly Kelly admit it she cannot wrestle, Vickie Guerrero). All of these superstars did some spectacular moments to remind us that is is fun to look back at the past but not to use them as your main storyline (more on that later).


Did you miss me?  Nope.

As for the modern roster, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many competent wrestling women have come along in this past year alone. The Riott Squad, Paige's cronies, hell even Dana Brooke was showing a vast improvement from last year. Hell, no one told me this Kairi Sane person was so Kairi Insane! Or Ember Moon made me just cry sweet tears of joy as she did that top rope stunner with one arm!

But like all Rumbles, this would be made or broken on it's contenders. Starting off with modern greats Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch was a great choice of technical prowess on the current generation. Eventually Nia Jax Tamina made her presence known until Lita showed she still has it. Carmella and Natalya still showed they are amongst the best, and no body can mess one-on-one with Tamina Nia Jax.

But at number 25, the best pure wrestler on the roster came in to kill everyone! Asuka issued Mortal Kombat Annihilation over her opponents (Sonya Deville was definitely inspired by that movie) as the numbers winded down. 26 saw veteran classic Mickie James, and who should appear at 27 and 28?


Ugh....but at 29 we got Huggie Little Bear Bayley and at 30 we got...


Yea, is it too late to apologize for that whole stalking thing in 2006?

Trish Stratus is back! She stunned us all at Number 30 and proved that she still has a few tricks up her sleeve to teach the next generation. She helped clear out the house all the way to the 5th person left, when Sasha Bank's proved she's the Boss (Baby) and eliminated a legend.

So we were left with IronWoman Banks, Asuka, and the Kane and Big Show of the Divas division, the Bella Twins. Despite being a really fun nostalgia trip, the ending was disappointing, as Sasha went out first, leaving us with a clearly obvious winner in Asuka, but having to endure more Bella BS even after they are no longer full timers. But such has been WWE's mantra to stick to their classics. However, Asuka outshines them both, as she used some nifty maneuvers to eliminate the twins and provided double victories for the Pacific Rim, sans Poison Fists.

So that's it were done right? WRONG!! Charlotte and Alexa come into the ring to "congratulate" Asuka on an historic victory, only to be interrupted by...


"The Baddest Women on the Planet". She made her official debut known, but her story is for another time.

Overall, a good Rumble and great winner, but what really made it better than anything was another fantastic barrier for the wrestling women of today. It may be tough to replicate the twin magic next year, but it's nice to know it will try.

Oh, and it is now ranked 9th! I like the Edge one a little bit more, but I'm so happy we don't have the Total Divas Era anymore...minus that Bella thing at the end.

I've begun working on another epic list for Mania, so be on the lookout, you know like pirates and booty and stuff. Is Booty-O's still a thing or am I out of it?

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