Most viewed WWE YouTube videos from Raw and SmackDown (Jan. 1 - 2, 2018)

Into the new year we go by continuing a guide to what's pulled in the interest on WWE's official YouTube channel from this week's TV:

1 Brock Lesnar and Kane fight (Raw) 2m views as of ~4pm ET Jan. 2
2 Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe (Raw) 1m
3 AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn (SmackDown) 815k views as of ~4pm ET Jan. 3
4 Kurt Angle lays out the details of the Women's Royal Rumble (Raw) 765k
5 Asuka vs Alexa Bliss (Raw) 725k
6 Braun Strowman vs Rhyno (Raw) 594k
7 Jason Jordan vs Cesaro (Raw) 549k
8 Finn Balor & the Good Brothers vs Elias & the Miztourage (Raw) 537k
9 Usos vs Gable & Benjamin (SmackDown) 482k
10 Xavier Woods vs Aiden English (SmackDown) 460k
11 Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan disagree (SmackDown) 458k
12 Bray Wyatt vs Apollo Crews (Raw) 387k
13 Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss' backstage dispute over Enzo Amore (Raw) 340k
14 Riott Squad vs Natalya, Carmella & Tamina (SmackDown) 303k
15 Finn Balor enters the Royal Rumble (Raw) 289k


The Raw results largely reinforce what we've learned from these in recent weeks, but even if we've long since established here that Brock's appearances are a big draw once again and Kane's main event run is arguably overperforming, this segment - not one that went down especially well or went viral at all - is racing away, almost doubling its views as 24 hours later the count stands at 3.9m, with Reigns-Joe "only" having put on another half million views in that time. The segment with both of them plus Braun from two weeks ago only totals 4.2 million views now.

Elsewhere, as we saw in each case last week, Reigns vs Joe is a big pull (if 300k down on their first match), Kurt is a huge draw for the casuals even when he isn't doing anything special, and the way to get Asuka over is to have her beat down Alexa.

Balor teaming with his old friends attracted attention compared to the struggle to attract views over the last few weeks, but as always it depends on what happens with any of them next. Also, again backing up something we've seen before, the cruiserweight match featuring non-cruiserweight Goldust had one of their best non-Enzo view counts, 174k, although the 205 Live rematch has fewer views than its two other matches.

Over on SmackDown, it feels like the audiences aren't responding to the general manager bickering as someone clearly hopes they would, as yet again AJ overcomes the nonsense in his way to pull the week's best numbers. Even a title match can't propel the tag division up to the standard it deserves and the Riott Squad are settling into a pattern where their matches are picking up that kind of figure every week, which is arguably much worse for their women's standing than Raw's as at least Absolution can fit into the secondary story slot while remaining strong. And this week's match ended by setting up another six-woman tag for next week!

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