Ronda Rousey's Introduction Was Perfect, If WWE Uses Her Correctly

This was the perfect start for "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey. Everything tonight set her up to have a long career in the WWE. The first, and most obvious, thing they did so well was not put her in the Royal Rumble match. If she wins that fans get mad, and if she loses it’s a waste of her. The next thing they did was have her ignore Charlotte and Bliss, but focus on Asuka. Asuka just won the first Women’s Royal Rumble match. Asuka has never lost in the WWE. Asuka is the baddest woman in the WWE, and that’s why she’s perfect for Rousey to go after.

Monday night, Asuka should start the show. She should say that while she wants the Women’s Championship, she wants Rousey too. Rousey then comes out and essentially says, "Yeah you’re who I want too because of all the things in the last paragraph, but I’m too big of a deal to fight just anytime so if you want me, it will have to be a WrestleMania." Asuka is, obviously fine with that, but she points out that she gets a one on one title match as well, and that’s supposed to be at WrestleMania. Then Alexa Bliss can come out and say that even though she hates to give up the opportunity to wrestle and WrestleMania, she’s such a good person that she would be willing to let Asuka fight Rousey at Mania instead of her. Shane or Bryan then comes out and says something along the lines of, "Well here’s the perfect solution: We’ll put Asuak and Alexa in the Elimination Chamber, along with four superstars who will qualify in the upcoming weeks. If Asuka wins, then she’ll fight Rousey at WrestleMania for the title and Alexa will get a one on one rematch with the winner after WrestleMania. If anyone else wins, then Alexa gets her rematch at Mania, but Asuka, you’re giving up your one on one match for the title." Asuka agrees, and Alexa isn’t really given a choice, so the match is set.

We get to Elimination Chamber and the women are in the main event. The six are Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bayley, Dana Brooke, and Nia Jax with Rousey on guest commentary. The match starts with Asuka and Dana and Asuka literally kills her. Okay maybe not, but Dana is out in less than thirty seconds. Asuka just gives her grin to Rousey up at the top of the stage and stares her down until the next superstar is picked. The women slowly trickle in and the next pinfall is Sasha, who Bayley pins with a rollup. Sasha finally turns on Bayley and destroys her, leaving her for Asuka to pin. This sets up the Sasha vs. Bayley match at Mania which I desperately want. Next, Nia once again turns on Alexa and just destroys her, eliminating her from the match. This leaves Nia and Asuka, and after some back and forth, Asuka makes Nia tap out. Then Ronda comes down to the ring and they point at a sign for a little while until the screen fades to black.

In the build-up to WrestleMania, Rousey and commentary drive home that it’s a dream come true for her to be with WWE in the main event of WrestleMania (of course it’s the main event, she’s the biggest star in WWE since Tyson) and Asuka doesn’t say a word, she just gives an evil smile every time she sees Ronda. Everyone within the company just ignores Ronda’s last few MMA matches where she was completely obliterated, because that doesn’t sell a fight. Then, finally, it’s WrestleMania.

The last three matches of the show are, in order, Styles vs. Nakamura, Roman vs. Brock (I don’t want it, but I’ve got to be realistic, right?), and Asuka vs. Ronda, with the goal being the crowd is pissed heading into the women’s championship match and ready to riot when the extremely green Rousey breaks Asuka’s streak. That doesn’t happen though. Asuka squashes Ronda, preferably with a kick to the face then the Asuka Lock. I would actually have those be the only two moves used in the whole match. The crowd leaves in shock, and Rousey falls off the map. She isn’t there the next day on Raw, nor the one after that, nor the one after that. The whole point is she lost and disappeared, as she did after her UFC losses. In reality she is at the Performance Center improving and making herself the star she has the potential to be.

In the meantime, Asuka runs wild on the Women’s Division. She runs right through Alexa (who then goes into a feud with Nia), then has a reasonably long feud with Sasha, then turns heel and feuds with Bayley, maybe throwing in some multi-woman matches with some other members of the roster too, but always avoiding Nia. At the Royal Rumble, Asuka beats Bayley again, and refuses to release the Asuka Lock, injuring Bayley. She is a full on heel now. The Women’s Rumble match once again ends the show, and throughout the whole thing, Nia is the woman to beat. She should even break Reigns’ record for most competitors eliminated. It seems obvious that she and Asuka are finally going to meet for the first time in a long time at WrestleMania. Then number thirty is set to come out, and Roddy Piper’s music hits. Out comes Ronda Rousey, and she and Nia clean house, ending up as the final two. Ronda, with no outside interference, manages to eliminate Nia and win the Rumble. After the match she takes the mic from the post-match reporter and simply says, "I’m back for redemption," and then Bad Reputation hits, because using Roddy’s music should just be a one-time homage to a legend. Asuka and Ronda then have a match at Mania (I’d have it in the main event again), with Ronda winning in a true wrestling match, showing how far she’s come in a year.

So what this does is it takes advantage of the immediate buzz of having such a big star in WWE while at the same time hiding her assumed lack of wrestling ability. While many people will be disappointed because it will be a bit of an anti-climactic start to Rousey's WWE career, but given that she will most likely be very green, I have a feeling it will be necessary. It also hopefully makes Asuka a huge star, given that her streak will continue for so long and includes a win against such a legitimate bad ass. Then the win against Asuka a year later would remind everyone of how great Rousey is, while also giving her a good true introduction story. I think this covers all grounds, but if there's anything missing, please let me know!

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