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Watch the Bullet Club split apart and the Golden Lovers reunite at the end of New Beginning in Sapporo, Night 2

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming.

The rift between Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega has been widening for a while, and when Kenny saved Kota Ibushi from a chair assault by The American Nightmare earlier this month at New Year’s Dash!!, fans we thrilled to see not only the Bullet Club disintegration story move forward, but a tease of a reunion between Golden☆Lovers partners Omega and Ibushi.

Both stories reached a critical point Sunday, Jan. 28 at the end of the second night of New Beginning in Sapporo. You can read a synopsis of what happened here, or just watch the entire closing angle courtesy of NJPWWorld’s Twitter account right here:

English language annoucers Kevin Kelly and Don Callis also break down what it could all mean here:

There’s a lot to unpack here with plenty of shows in the future to give us some answers- or likely raise more questions.

Of particular note is New Japan playing two of their biggest cards - a possible Bullet Club break-up and the reunion of the immensely popular and LGBT-friendly Omega/Ibushi team - on Royal Rumble day. We don’t have a Monday Night War on our hands, but NJPW is definitely making a play for hardcore wrestling fan mindshare in 2018.

Compose yourself and discuss your thoughts on Cody vs. Kenny, Golden☆Lovers vs. Young Bucks and Jay White’s rapid rise below!

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