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James Ellsworth returned to the indies with a run-in on Austin Aries vs. Pete Dunne

We all knew neither Impact Wrestling or WWE was going to let one of the champions take a loss when Impact World champ Austin Aries and WWE United Kingdon titleholder Pete Dunne faced off in Canada for Dunne’s Destiny World Wrestling championship yesterday (Jan. 21).

What we didn’t know that was the non-finish would come as the result of interference from former WWE wrestler James Ellsworth, who made his post-WWE independent wrestling debut earlier in the show by winning a battle royal to claim the first-ever Santino Cobra Cup (Destiny works with Santino Marella’s Battle Arts Academy in Ontario):

Seems like the Cobra Cup functions like a cross between a Rumble title shot and a Money in the Bank briefcase, so Jimmy Dream “cashed in” during the main event between Aries and Dunne. But it looks like The Bruiserweight won in the end:

Something something 2018.

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