A Case of Miss MITB Carmella

Since Carmella won MITB contract, she has remained Miss MITB for 7 months already. Based on Carmella won Miss MITB for the 2nd time, her official starting date as Miss MITB is on June 27, 2017.

Unless they give up on Carmella and realize she’s not championship material, then let first ever Miss MITB fails her cash in. However, I don't see they let an inaugural Miss MITB failing her cash in, a question is how do they let her cash in successfully to become new women champ within the next 5 months before the contract expired.

Carmella cashes in before Wrestlemania 34 and goes into Wrestlemania as SD women champ but Carmella defends against any woman or does another multi women title match won't be a worthy Mania match. In reality, I don't see they let any SD woman other than Charlotte to enter the Mania as champ, unless they let Carmella lose the title before Mania.

My heart wishes for Charlotte vs Becky for SD women title at Mania. Anyways, if there's new SD women champ crowned at Mania, then the new champ will have 80 days as the most days reigning before MITB contract expired.

However, it's very likely they're planning for Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey for SD women title at Mania which is likely to be Ronda's official WWE debut match, then it's more difficult to plan for Carmella cashes in successfully:

1) Charlotte retains against Ronda, then Carmella cashes in on Charlotte within 80 days, but Ronda will lose her debut match at Mania

2) Ronda wins the title at Mania then Carmella cashes in on Ronda within 80 days, only if Ronda won’t do Brock Lesnar limited schedule, take the title and disappear for more than 80 days

3) Carmella intervenes during Charlotte vs Ronda and does the Seth Rollins type cash in to win the title, but it'll ruin Ronda's debut match

If Carmella moves to Raw when there's Superstar Shakeup shortly after Mania, her MITB contract will change to cash in against Raw women champ.

Alexa as champ mean heel cashes in on heel but very unlikely. The only possible Raw women champ after Mania is Asuka or Sasha, unless Paige still able to wrestle before Mania and walk out of Mania as Raw women champ but it seems unlikely already. I don't see Sasha becoming new Raw women champ again at least until Mania, but Carmella cashes in on Sasha mean that Sasha's 5th Raw women title run will cut short again like her previous 4 Raw women title run. If Asuka still remains undefeated after Mania, then her undefeated streak would be sacrificed in the next 80 days to Carmella or some Raw woman dethrones Asuka then gets cashed in right away.

What if they break the rule by extending Carmella's MITB contract past 365 days until they figure out how to make Carmella cashing in successfully.

What do you think, when will Carmella cash in her MITB contract officially and successfully.

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