The "Second Coronation" Conundrum

This is a follow up post to that of K.T. where he/she discussed who should take the Universal belt off Brock Lesnar. My personal favourite ( of K.T.’s options ) is Braun Strowman. But over on ( the currently useless ) SmackDown Live, we have, the WWE champion, A.J. Styles. Now, having said that, who should take the belt off him? I’ve gathered four superstars, each with pros and cons as to why they stand a chance against Styles.

John Cena

Pro: A victory over A.J. would mark Cena’s 17th title reign. This would make history.

Con: Cena defeated A.J. at Royal Rumble 2017. A second loss to Cena within around a year, I think, won’t be good for the rest of his career.

Mojo Rawley

Pro: WWE really missed a chance to create another superstar when Bobby Roode defeated Mojo to advance to the finals. Giving the WWE Title to Mojo ( if the storyline is built up correctly ) would give a boost to Mojo’s career and to WWE, who, seemingly, has chosen Mojo Rawley to be their biggest heel right now. With the absence of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Mojo could be on his way to a meaningful heel run.

Con: Perhaps it’s too soon since the Hype Bros breakup to hand the belt to Mojo.

Baron Corbin

Pro: Having failed to cash in his Money In The Bank contract, giving the title to Corbin would elevate his career and status to higher elevation then right now.

Con: Is he ready to support the company?

Shinsuke Nakamura

Pro: Anyone who hasn’t seen their match in New Japan might not understand why he’s on this list. Let me sum it up. They’re both top notch talents, both capable of high flying flashy moves to impress the audience. But they don’t need flashy moves to put on a great show. Just them standing in the ring together makes the crowd pop.

Con: I’ve been seeing comments like "Shinsuck Nakamura" so the crowd isn’t completely behind him.

That’s all Cagesiders. Byeeee!

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