Shootin' Da Breeze, Episode 29: "This Is My House And It's Not For Sale!"

Hey folks, Mister Doctor Senju here, your lovely host for the podcast. Saturday has arrived this week, and as per usual, your cohost, along with host TakersMinion, will park ourselves in the podcasting booth and talk about wrestling and other stuff we shall segue along and take tangents with.

Somehow things are picking up quite slowly but surely at a lackadaisical pace, don't you think? Although there's a lot of news to ponder on about, we shall mix that with the week that is wrestling for WWE, as well as some random bits and fluff and nonsense that will be on about, don't you worry on that. What horrors will TakersMinion and Mister Doctor Senju concoct this week, for the network of the Lip Service? Well, stay tuned to find out!

And you can absolutely do that by dropping by our show, live, on 11:00 am ET and 10:00 am CT and have a listen to our show, and leave a few comments and opinions about your week of wrestling, and hopefully, hopefully! The two guys shall respond to those in kind.

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