The Nightly: January 16th, 2018

Hello Nightly!!!

So what did the Knights Of The Nightly think about SmackDown tonight? While I didn’t watch it, I did read the results and it looks like we have a new United States Champion. A bit surprised they did the finals here tonight, but I suppose they wanted to just do it and have it be done. Thank god Roode won. I still say that Xavier should have won the tournament.

Anyway, ended up watching last week’s SmackDown today. It seemed like a lot of people hated it, but honestly, I actually thought it was pretty good for the most part. Becky/Ruby was a fun match, and I hope they get to have a PPV match one day, the main event handicap match was good, and Ryder/Mojo was good. Really, the only problem I had with SmackDown last week was Gable and Benjamin possibly turning heel. That segment made no sense whatsoever.

On to the Nightly.

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