Countdown to the Rumble: Night Two

The first night had a tie for the 2nd transfer spot, so we'll bring them both, while still adding two. The bottom 3 in voting will be eliminated.

The rules are simple, but slightly different. The Rumble for Rumbles will begin with the 4 lowest-ranked Meltzer matches in Rumble history, ending with the 2 highest ranked matches per Meltzer. Each day, two Rumbles will be eliminated, while two more Rumbles will be added. If there is a tie in the ratings, the tie will be broken randomly. (If there is a tie in the voting, all those tied will advance, and more will be eliminated in the next round of voting.)

The entries! Those who are still in from night one:

Entry #2: 2005 (Meltzer Rating: DUD)


This Rumble had one of the best finishes in Rumble history, if I say so myself. An ending where Batista was supposed to win with a clothesline over the top rope, ended with both men going over the top rope to the floor. While Cena, Batista, and even the refs made use of the confusion to help cover, Vince came like a mad-man to the ring, and ended up tearing both of his quad muscles. The match was restarted, and Batista eliminated Cena.

Entry: #3 1999 (Meltzer Rating: 1.5)


The whole 1999 Rumble looked like it was... well, straight out of 1999. The first two entrants (Austin and Vince McMahon) left the ring, and ended up in other parts of the arena. Meanwhile, Mabel was kidnapped and taken to the parking lot. Oh, and Kane eliminated himself because asylum workers were coming to get him. After McMahon (who even made a stop at the announce table) was back in the ring with Austin as the last two men, the Rock came and interfered with Austin, which gave time for McMahon to eliminate Austin for the win.

Entry #4: 2015 (Meltzer Rating: 1.75)


The 2015 Rumble will be known for Vince refusing to push the fan-favourite Daniel Bryan, and instead, pushing the fan-hated Roman Reigns. The whole match went off the rails after Bryan's elimination, and after Roman's win, even the Rock couldn't save Roman from the Philly Phans. Which leads to the most iconic picture of the night, where the Rock looks like he can't figure out why his meatballs weren't spicy enough.

Entry #5: 1991 (Meltzer Rating: 2.25)


In the fourth ever Royal Rumble match, Hogan came out #24 and ended up winning after eliminating Earthquake. This was Hogan's final win, and was the second year in a row he won the Rumble. After winning this one, he went on to defeat Slaughter at Wrestlemania for his 3rd WWF Championship.

Entry #6:


1989 was the 2nd year of the Royal Rumble, and Big John Studd would make sure to become the 2nd winner in Rumble history. He is also the first man to win the 30-man version of the Rumble, as 1988 only had 20 entrants. He would end up winning by eliminating the last two entrants (Studd entered at 27) and throwing DiBiase over the top rope with a clothesline.

Tomorrow night, we will find out who was eliminated, and which two Rumbles will enter. In the poll below, make sure to pick which year was your favourite of the bunch. The top 2 in votes will stay in, while the bottom three in voting will be eliminated.

Already eliminated:

Entry #1 - 1993 (Meltzer Rating: DUD)

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