Will Paige injury turn Sasha Banks heel?

With fans blaming Sasha Banks for the kick that has WWE officials retiring Paige, is the silver lining a way to turn Sasha Banks heel? A role in which she thrives?

Taking credit for retiring another wrestler is a great way to develop heat. Can build promos that she (Paige) wasn't ready to return so Sasha had to take her out. Could even take over as the leader of Absolution

From there the heel Sasha could organize attacks on wrestlers like Alexa Bliss who she doesn't feel take the wrestling business seriously. The potential for great promos and amazing heat are endless as the storyline has a lot of truth behind it and the best characters are animated versions of yourself to the 10th power.

WWE would be losing paige who was getting the most on air time as a heel, so a shake up is needed anyway. Could even have go backstage where Paige is a broken mess with the storyline that Sasha just gave her a brutal beating (since her real injury wasn't seen or common knowledge among the masses)

Great possibility to make the best out of an unfortunate incident. Also if Paige is ever able to return to the ring, she already has a top level storyline and tale of revenge to build upon.

This is a great way to take the womens division to the next level. Increased brutality. Serious storylines. Building around your top workers and keeping things fresh and interesting after months of the division not going anywhere or building any new and exciting angles.

The alternative is Paige stays on screen as a mouthpiece or leaves and absolution just dies.

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