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Kenny Omega says ‘there’s no possible way’ Roman Reigns really believes he’s the best in-ring performer in the world

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New Japan Pro Wrestling on Twitter

Roman Reigns got the internet buzzing last month when, on the debut episode of Corey Graves’ Straight To The Source show for WWE Network, he “point blank” declared “I’m the best performer in ring in the world right now”.

Many believed the remark to be at least somewhat directed at New Japan’s Kenny Omega, he of the three Wrestling Observer-rated six star 2017 matches. Among those who thought that was, apparently, Omega himself.

And it’s not like there’s not precedent for The Big Dog taking some implied jabs at Kenny and his friends/stablemates The Young Bucks, or for The Elite of The Bullet Club to take aim with some thinly-veiled shots of their own.

The IWGP United States champ and fellow self-proclaimed Best in the World isn’t mad, as he’s not sure Roman wasn’t fed the line by his bosses anyway. In fact, he admires the quote. But he definitely doesn’t agree with it.

Here are his comments from a recent talk with Bleacher Report:

”I don’t know if Roman was put up to saying a comment like that from a social media team or if it was something that he consciously thought of himself. But I thought it was pretty smart of him to do—to say—that, because it became instantaneously a topic that people were talking about.

And just because it sounds so ridiculous. You know what I mean?

I don’t have to feel like I have to speak up about it. It is what it is, and I understand that it’s a fun thing for fans to generate interest in the product. I take absolutely zero offense in him saying it.

Especially since it’s quite clear that the fact of the matter is much, much different.”

Thoughts, Cagesiders?