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Austin Aries returns to Impact, wins the world title at tonight’s taping

As the guy who recaps Impact, I try to avoid spoilers so I can watch with a fresh set of eyes. But when the promotion itself opts to release information from their tapings, that’s a different story. Plus, if they want us to know, it’s fair game to let you all know. That brings us to the following.

The Don Callis and Scott D’Amore era of Impact started off with a bang at their first television taping tonight (Jan. 10), and we’re not just talking about a four sided ring.

Former WWE cruiserweight and past Impact wrestler Austin Aries didn’t just return to the company, but he defeated Eli Drake to become their top champion.

The link in the tweet takes you to their website where they confirm he’s holding the title because he won it and not because he knocked out the champ and posed with it. Also, looks like he wrestled in his shirt?

As someone who dislikes spoilers in general, it’s a bit disappointing that a big surprise like this was revealed since it would have been fun to be surprised while watching. But at the same time, it makes perfect sense. This wasn’t staying under wraps until the new set of tapings is set to air. Plus, they may as well generate as much buzz as possible to try to get as more people turning in.

What do you think? Does the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived returning make you curious enough to tune into Impact?

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