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Chris Jericho teases sticking around in New Japan, doing ‘the Brock Lesnar idea’

He’s proven he could go to Japan and “draw money”, so the question becomes, what’s next for Chris Jericho in New Japan?

Obviously, we learned at New Year’s Dash!! that he’s sticking around for at least one more program/match, this one with Tetsuya Naito. But beyond that? Jericho will always be linked to WWE, and even while he was building toward his showdown with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 12, fans and media were speculating on when he’d return to working for Vince McMahon.

That still seems inevitable, but Y2J is dropping tidbits which indicate it might not be any time soon. Like this Instagram from yesterday:

Or these comments on Sirius XM’s Busted Open Radio, musing about how he keeps the ball rolling after Alpha vs. Omega:

“I don’t know... don’t oversaturate, it’s not like I’m gonna go jump in the G1 Climax [New Japan’s annual round robin tournament for an IWGP Heavyweight title shot on Jan. 4] and be just another guy. I want to really do the ‘Brock Lesnar’ idea with New Japan if it works out. Just pick my spots and just come and go to where you’re almost like, ‘this guy’s barely there, and yet when he’s there it makes an impact’.

And that might be the new thing. I just have to kind of reevaluate and see what do I want to do next, where do I think the next big impact can be... what do I have available time-wise and how is the body holding up...”

As Jericho, and my boss, have pointed out, his first match in New Japan was great for business. Will continuing there as a part-time, special attraction guy continue to work out well for everyone?

Is that how you’d like to see Y2J spend the next few years of his wrestling career, Cagesiders?

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