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Christy Hemme announces she’s pregnant with quadruplets

Former WWE and TNA wrestler/manager/interviewer Christy Hemme broke some exciting news in a YouTube video yesterday (Sept. 8) to explain why she’s been off the radar for a while (she left TNA in 2016 after spending the last couple years of her time there as a member of the creative staff and occassional on-screen performer)...


“Hi everyone! I am making you a video from bed [laughs] because I am currently on bed rest. Why am I on bed rest? Okay, if you’re standing up you might want to sit down because I’ve got some big news and it’s a little crazy [laughs].

So, I am pregnant. Yay! Been trying for a long time - very, very excited. But I am not just pregnant with one baby. No... and I’m not pregnant with two babies. No, or three babies. No, no, no. I am pregnant with quadruplets! Four babies in this little belly - oh my gosh.

I am so excited you guys. I am beyond excited. I am also scared and petrified and every emotion in the book. It’s a lot. So this is a very high risk pregnancy, that is why most of my pregnancy will be spent here in bed or in the hospital - yay. For someone with a lot of energy that’s gonna be hard to pin me down, but I will do it for the babies.

So that is my really big news, and I have been keeping videos so I will update you guys with this insane journey that we’ve had so far...”

That’s... a lot.

Sounds like it’s going to be a challenging couple of months for Hemme and her husband, who already have a two year old little girl.

Join us in sending congratulations and best wishes to Christy!

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