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Jim Cornette confirms he’ll be at Bound for Glory, November’s GFW television taping

Regardless of who you believe about the company’s future and ownership picture, Global Force Wrestling (GFW) does have a pay-per-view (PPV) event coming up on Sunday, Nov. 5. While nothing is confirmed yet, it’s also believed they’ll tape future Impact Wrestling episodes in Orlando on either side of that show, Bound for Glory.

One of the things fans were speculating about in light of the most recent round of doom-and-gloom rumors was Jim Cornette’s status with the Anthem Entertainment-owned company. Cornette has said he doesn’t have a long-term contract, and was supposedly brought in by Jeff Jarrett, who is now on an “indefinite leave of absence”, reportedly at the direction of GFW President Ed Nordholm.

Speculate no more - about Corny, at least. He confirmed he’s around through November, and whenever some of the shows taped that week eventually air, since he’s probably doing those, too:

“Just got off the phone not long ago - Sunday, Nov. 5 I will be at Bound for Glory in Orlando, Florida, the Global Force Wrestling pay-per-view. More to come... I’m not sure, I can’t be at all the TVs that week, but I may be at TV, but more to come on that. But I will be at Bound for Glory.”

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