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Tope 10: Lucha Underground (Sep. 27, 2017)

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Each and every episode of Lucha Underground features maneuvers, quotes, outfits, props, scenes, and stories that deserve recognition. That is where the Tope 10 comes in. This list shows appreciation for the moments that are more exciting than a flying tope.

If you are new to the Lucha Underground scene, you can catch it Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network, buy all episodes to date from the first three seasons on iTunes and Amazon, or watch seasons one and two on Netflix. See if El Rey is available in your area.

If you haven't had a chance to watch this week's episode yet, check out the preview as well as the recap and reactions.

Normally, the Tope 10 does not recognize honorable mention. However, part one of Ultima Lucha Tres is a special case. Killshot vs Dante Fox kicked trasero to the max in a magnificent match. Unfortunately, that leaves no room for Texano vs Famous B. That said, I do feel that it needs to be recognized. Whether you love or love to hate Famous B, enjoy seeing him thrown off the stairs.

10. Fall of death


9. Barb wire board


8. Back body drop through glass


7. Flying gurney stomp

Oh my.

That gurney is going to need a gurney.

6. Gurney dropkick

Holy moley. Terrific display of athleticism.

5. Offensive flurry

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network

The Hell of War featured several big time spots, which you already know since you’ve read up to here. This moment exemplifies their wrestling style. Bing, bam, boom. Killshot and Dante Fox are skilled at rapidly firing off attacks, often as combinations. The GIF might be too slow moving to truly capture the speed of Killshot’s face kicks. Killshot followed up with a flying double stomp onto the broken glass.

Another example is Killshot kicking out Fox’s legs, kicking him in the face, then slapping on a DDT.

4. Fireman's carry drop


3. Running ring post moonsault


2. Guillotine leg drop from afar

Insert the expletive of your choice to describe Dante Fox leaping across the “alleyway” to leg drop Killshot, who was stuck in a chair sandwich.

Sorry for minimal analysis this week. There's not much to say on top of the recap and reactions other than, “Look at this cool shit.” I’m still in awe about some of these maneuvers.

1. No quit

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network

Professional wrestling is about storytelling. In a match with dynamite action, Dante Fox kicking out on a one count after being pummeled was supreme badassery. It was all heart. Vampiro excellently shouted, "This is adrenaline and hatred. This is I am not going to give in to you, motherf'er, ever!" The emotion from both luchadores enhanced the fight.

Catching up on last week’s poll, 77% of 82 votes sided with Melissa Santos defeating Dario Cueto in a wrestling match. The remaining 23% were on the side of El Jefe. Hopefully, Dario doesn't see this poll. We don’t need Melissa to become a snack for Matanza.

How does this week's Tope 10 stack up to your list? Any favorites not included? If you were late to the viewing party, feel free to share your thoughts about anything in the episode.

I’ll leave you with the Fighting Spirit series highlighting El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!


Who do you want to see become Lucha Underground champion first?

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  • 54%
    Dante Fox
    (57 votes)
  • 45%
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