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Impact Wrestling preview (Sept. 28, 2017): Victory Road


Impact Wrestling returns tonight (Sept. 28) with from the Impact Zone with their seventh episode from their last set of tapings.

Here’s what’s advertised for this week’s Victory Road special:

  • Eli Drake (c) vs. Johnny Impact for the GFW Global championship
  • Trevor Lee (c) vs. Petey Williams for the X Division championship
  • LAX (c) vs. oVe for the tag team championships
  • Gail Kim, Allie, & Rosemary vs. Sienna, Taryn Terrell, & Taya Valkyrie

As per usual, here are our five questions about tonight’s episode:

1) Is it Johnny’s time?

If I were to put money on it, I’d say the man who has also gone by Morrison and Mundo will be holding Impact’s top prize sooner than later. Look at where the man is right now. He holds the Triple A mega title. He holds the Lucha Underground title (despite that being filmed well over a year ago.) It’s only a matter of time until he adds to his collection. But is tonight the night?

My guess is no. There wasn’t much to this build outside Johnny being so upset at Eli Drake last week that he put up his #1 contenders spot on the line twice. If Impact wins the title, I think they’ll build it up as a big thing. Perhaps a Bound for Glory (BFG) win.

I also wonder if he’ll win the title in a heel turn aligning himself with Triple A, whose members have been antagonistic to the promotion, but we’ll speculate about that at a later date.

2) Who’s in the X Division currently?

Trevor Lee will defend his X Division title against Petey Williams tonight. He just won that title from Sonjay Dutt (with the help of Caleb Konley) two weeks ago. Are those four the entirety of the X Division?

While I think this should be a fun match, I can’t help but wonder what’s next for the division. Are they just going to cycle through four guys, or are there other men in the wings? What about Matt Sydal? Is he still in the X Division or is it a heavyweight roster guy now? Word is Low-Ki opted to leave instead of move back to the X division.

The men who are tag champions in LAX, Santana and Ortiz, could fit the X Division bill if they wanted to move a couple people in. Is there anyone I’m missing? Let me know in the comments.

3) What’s next in the story between Lashley and Cornette?

Two weeks ago, Bobby Lashley decided to go with his MMA team, known as American Top Team, and leave professional wrestling to focus on MMA. Jim Cornette told him he’d give him his release if the Destroyer would confront Moose to take care of unfinished business prior.

Lashley obliged and he and Moose fought all around the arena. However, American Top Team got involved after they were expressly told to leave. Because of that, Cornette opted not to give Lashley his release.

So Impact has a disgruntled Destroyer on their hands who happens to have a league of a-holes backing him up at all time. This will likely lead to some match with Moose, perhaps at Bound for Glory. But it feels like it’s going to be more than just that. This should involved Lashley’s team and Jim Cornette somehow. However, Jim won’t be at Bound for Glory since they moved it from Orlando to Canada so they may not be able to do all they originally planned with him.

4) What are the feuds coming out of this women’s match?

This 3 on 3 women’s match should be a fun time since it’s loaded with talent. So what are the big PPV feuds for these ladies when they’re done.

Gail Kim will face Taryn Terrell before all is said and done. That could be the BFG match but it could also be a big feud to fill the month plus until Bound for Glory. Gail challenging for the title could be the big women’s match at the PPV as well.

Taya and Rosemary look to be on a collision course and I am all in on that. Personally, I want them to build that to Bound for Glory because I want that to be a big deal and not something to kill time before the big PPV.

5) What’s the future of LAX?

LAX will be in action, defending their tag titles against oVe. Unlike last time, we’ll actually get to see the entire match.

But what’s the future for this division with them losing Low-Ki after this set of tapings? Even if Homicide returns, it still only leaves two active wrestlers in the division (not including Diamante who has not wrestled for the promotion). The addition of Low-Ki was good because it gave them a guy who could be their single’s weapon. Without that, they’re just a tag team with a strong hype man.

It likely won’t be something we find out for a couple months since they taped up to Bound for Glory, which is early November.

Impact Wrestling airs tonight on Pop TV at 8 EST. Who’s watching?

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