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Lucha Underground preview: Ultima Lucha Tres, Part I

The epic saga of gods versus mortals in an underground fight club known as Lucha Underground continues tonight (Sep. 27) on El Rey Network at 8pm ET/PT.

The four week season-ending extravaganza known as Ultima Lucha Tres begins. A ton of matches were made official last week for Ultima Lucha Tres. Here's the full card as of right now:

  • Career vs Title: Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo
  • Steel Cage Match: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs The Monster Matanza Cueto
  • Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes (Winner gets the gauntlet)
  • Mask vs Hair: Fenix vs Marty Martinez
  • The Hell of War: Killshot vs Dante Fox (Best of three, all matches with different violent stipulations)
  • Ladder Match: Son of Havoc vs Pentagon DARK (Gift of the Gods goes to the winner)
  • Last Luchadora Standing: Sexy Star vs Taya
  • Ivelisse vs Catrina
  • Texano vs Famous B (If Famous B wins, he receives Texano's contract for managerial purposes)

It is looking like this week will be a two match episode; Famous B vs Texano and Killshot vs Dante Fox. But I'm not positive another match won't take place. Let's look at the contests we know for certain will have an opening bell rung tonight.

Texano vs Famous B

Famous B was looking to enhance his managerial stable. The big Texican, Texano, caught B's eye. B's pitch was that Texano is boring and can't connect with the crowd. Under B's guidance, he claimed he could make Texano famous. That spiel has fallen upon deaf ears to this point, but Brenda's beauty has not fallen on blind eyes. Texano's interest in Brenda is probably the only reason Texano has let B continue the chase this far.

Last week, Famous B, as guest ring announcer, jumped the gun to announce a Texano victory. The match wasn't over and Texano was rolled up in defeat. Dario Cueto paired the two for an Ultima Lucha Tres match with the caveat that Famous B will earn Texano's contract if B can somehow win.

One thing that caught my eye from the Twitter picture is that Brenda appears to be wearing her nurse outfit, which is usually reserved for Dr. Wagner Jr.. Bien, bien, bien. Either the Doctor will be in the Temple to support his manager or Brenda is wearing the outfit to nurse Famous B's broken arm.

Prediction: I'm not a fan of contractual servitude storylines in wrestling. The victim rarely acquiesces willingly, which generally leads to purposeful blunders and nonsensical actions from the party in charge of the relationship. Then, there comes a threat and a drawn out will he or won't he follow orders. For that reason, I'll be rooting for Texano. I think he'll pick up the win. However, I believe Famous B will finally earn his respect and Texano will sign with Infamous Incorporated on his own accord. Pick: Texano.

Killshot vs Dante Fox

These two luchadores used to be soldiers in the same military unit. Killshot escaped capture, while Dante Fox was not so lucky. Fox suffered as a prisoner of war. Fox perceived the situation as Killshot leaving him for dead. They've been at each other's throats since Fox debuted in the Temple. Fox was victorious in their only one-on-one encounter to date.

Dario Cueto booked them for The Hell of War, which is a best of three series with different violent stipulations. Killshot reveals the bout conditions in the video below. If you want it kept a surprise, then skip the rest of this paragraph. The three stages will be Primera Sangre (First Blood), no disqualification, then finishing with Medevac - Medical Evacuation (stretcher match).

Prediction: Killshot vs Fox is my pick to be best match of the event. I think it has high potential to be match of the year in all of wrestling. The feud has tremendous tension and a colossal quantity of contempt. The violence should be insane. Not that violence is a draw for me in and of itself, but I'm only human. Let's not forget these two are outstanding talents in the ring. Add it all up and we should be in for a treat.

Killshot claims to have what Dante Fox doesn't, a killer instinct. Maybe it is that way on the battlefield, but that hasn't been what I've observed in the Temple. Fox is fueled by anger and the desire for retribution. When push comes to shove for the final blow, I'm betting Killshot will feel sorrow and remorse, while Fox won't. Pick: Dante Fox.

What are your predictions for this episode? Which side stories do you want to see advanced? Over/under on how many, “Whoas,” during The Hell of War? Enjoy all the action Wednesday night at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey Network.

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