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Evolve 92 & 93 previews: Cedric Alexander returns (for the live crowd only), Sabre vs. Lee, Riddle vs. Hot Sauce, and more!

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World Wrestling Network

Yessir, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the World Wrestling Network to come back in to your home with Evolve 92 (live from Livonia, Michigan) and Evolve 93 (live from Summit, Illinois), and as always, I'm here to give you the low down on what's going down.

Video Roundup

Troll Champz!?

Jason Kincaid - Del Sarto

Stokely Hathaway presents Catch Point's New Attitude

Evolve Mini-Doc: The Troll Boyz - Ethan Page & ACH

Evolve Mini-Doc: A Rather Confounding Priscilla Kelly & Austin Theory!

Evolve Mini-Doc: Henry & Drake Are Here To Stay!

Evolve 91 Recap: NYC Raucous as Always!

Evolve Mini-Doc: Darby Allin vs. Timothy Thatcher

Evolve 90 Quick Hit: Grudge Match & Fatal Four Way

Wounded Wolf

A quick note before I get into the usual preview action— Davey Richards was scheduled to make his Evolve return this weekend before suffering a knee injury that will take him out of action for the entire rest of 2017. As a result, Evolve have shuffled the cards around a little and now Cedric Alexander will be coming in from WWE to wrestle matches for the live crowd only, against Zack Sabre, Jr. at Evolve 92, and against Fred Yehi at Evolve 93.

Wish these bad boys could be televised, but how exciting is that if you’re gonna be there, right?!

Evolve 92 (Friday, September 22, at 8PM Eastern)

Troll Boyz (ACH & “All Ego” Ethan Page) get a shot at the Evolve Tag Team Championship held by the WorkHorsemen (Anthony Henry & James Drake). Originally scheduled to be non-title as a result of ACH and Page’s repeated shenanigans during matches, WorkHorsemen insisted on defending the titles, the fighting champions that they are. And, well, the Boyz running their mouths on commentary during the tag title match at Evolve 91 didn’t hurt, raising their ire as it did. Can Troll Boyz stop trying to pop each other and the vein in Gabe Sapolsky’s forehead long enough to overcome the champs?

A modern-day Mega Powers forms as Keith Lee and Matt Riddle unite in tag team action against Catch Point’s Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka). Catch Point have been thorns in both men’s side for some time now, and they get a chance to even the score in Evolve’s unusually hot tag division. But you have to think the Limitless One still has designs on our Bro’s WWN Championship, and that friction may well be enough to cost them against a well-oiled tag team machine like Doom Patrol.

Darby Allin and “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams face off in a rematch from Evolve 88. That match saw Darby fall just short but proving that he can absolutely hang with the cream of the crop on the mat. This time he’s coming in fresh off a victory in Style Battle Season 1, Episode 7, but he’s up against a hungry Hot Sauce who finally gets his one-on-one shot against Matt Riddle for the WWN Championship. Can the daredevil keep it together or will he fall prey to Williams and his submission tendencies?

DJZ returns to Evolve for the first time since beating Jimmy Jacobs at Evolve 7 to wrestle Fred Yehi. It’s been six years and at least two name changes, and DJ is throwing himself right into the deep end against the MVP of WWN. A loss against a man of Yehi’s caliber does little to diminish anyone’s star, but a victory could put Zema right into the title hunt.

Plus Zack Sabre, Jr. will have a mystery opponent for the actual broadcast. As well, Jason Kincaid will wrestle a standout from the weekend’s seminar, and Austin Theory and Priscilla Kelly will be around raising some kind of hell themselves.

Evolve 93 (Saturday, September 23, at 8PM Eastern)

Matt Riddle defends his WWN Championship against “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams. The two have had a long and storied history in Evolve, with Williams being one of the few men to find a way to overcome Deep Waters. That alone cracks the door open further than it would be against most challengers, but Tracy has the coaching brilliance of Stokely Hathaway in his corner.

Oh, and one more thing— it’s Anything Goes. Best of luck, Bro, you’re going to need it.

Keith Lee finally gets his shot at the Evolve World Championship held by Zack Sabre, Jr. The Limitless One called his shot way back during Mania weekend, but got sidetracked by Ethan Page and the WWN Championship on his way, but thanks to the card shuffle, he’s got his chance.

A historical note dominates my thinking about this match— both Drew Galloway and Timothy Thatcher won the Evolve World Championship to kick their reigns off in late replacement matches created due to injury. Will history repeat itself yet again and an Evolve Champion be crowned out of the chaos?

Stevie Fierce defends the Freelance Championship in four-way action against GPA, Matt Knicks, and Bryce Benjamin. Or, well, he’ll defend it if he gets past B-Boy at the Freelance show on Friday night. In any case, whether this is a title match or just a Freelance showcase, I have the utmost faith in these Chicago boys to deliver big for Evolve.

From clashes of styles to straight-up lucha libre pyrotechnics as Darby Allin goes toe-to-toe with DJZ. It’s gonna be wild, and as much as I like seeing Darby wrestle Evolve’s contingent of grappling lads, being in his native environment against another devil-may-care high flyer? It’s gonna be excellent.

James Drake faces off against Austin Theory in our first of two singles outings for the tag champs. Theory has taken it to some of the best, but he’s never wrestled anyone quite like the New Age Enforcer in a singles match in Evolve. Priscilla Kelly’s influence and presence give him a leg up, but nothing can tell him which man he’s going to get, whether he’s going to need to be prepared for a hell of a brawl or big man lucha or anything in-between, and that’s what makes James Drake so dangerous.

And in our second such singles showcase, Anthony Henry squares up against Jason Kincaid. Henry got a taste of Kincaid’s unorthodox offense and weathered the storm in the tag title match at Evolve 91, but this time he’ll be facing the Gift head-on. Jason’s anger issues seem to be in check, but the question is how long until he explodes, and when he does... how bad is it going to be for whoever’s in or around the ring with him?

Troll Boyz face off against Doom Patrol in a rematch from Evolve 90. A strategic shove lead Page and ACH to prevail over the former Evolve Tag Team Champions last month, but Catch Point never take a loss lightly. Add in the idea of this potentially being for the titles if the Boyz can win them the night before and you’ve got a recipe for a real show-stealer if these four can turn the heat up on each other.

All that, plus Fred Yehi will have a mystery opponent on the live broadcast.

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