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Dana Warrior gave Dolph Ziggler’s impersonation of her husband a thumbs down

If you haven’t been watching SmackDown for the past month, Dolph Ziggler’s got a new schtick.

Well, it’s really not new - it’s essentially the heel version of his Show-Off gimmick, where fans are idiots for not appreciating his talent (as opposed to the face version, where management are idiots for not appreciating his talent).

What is new is that to prove how the WWE Universe are idiots for accusing him of phoning it when he’s stealing the show, he’s impersonating past and present wrestlers he feels are all style and no substance - to show how we value the wrong things.

On Tuesday night (Sept. 12) in Las Vegas, that included an impression of WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior:

The trick was, seated front row behind the announce desk was Warrior’s widow - and current WWE Ambassador - Dana.

She didn’t like it.

Now, all involved knew Warrior would be there, so she clearly was aware of what Ziggler had planned and is reacting as instructed - or at least in a way that’s equally cleared.

But give her credit for selling it:

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