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Dario Cueto tells us his Lucha Underground Top Ten. What's yours?

Episode 100 of Lucha Underground is rapidly approaching. Wednesday, September 13 at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey Network. Dario Cueto already announced the stacked card. Pentagon DARK vs El Dragon Azteca Jr. for an Aztec medallion, Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma each captaining teams in an atomicos (4-on-4) match, and the main event of Rey Mysterio against Matanza Cueto.

To celebrate, Dario Cueto is giving us his top ten list of favorite things in Lucha Underground. Enjoy as Dario drinks champagne in his swimming pool on location from his palatial estate. I've written the list below, but you'll have to watch the video to hear the reasoning and savor Dario's charm as he pats himself on the back for hiring Melissa Santos and cackles hysterically at the idea of Catrina trying to replace him.

  • 10. First Night in the Temple
  • 9. The Cero Miedo Match
  • 8. Melissa Santos
  • 7. No Mas Match
  • 6. Grave Consequences
  • 5. Aztec Warfare
  • 4. Ultima Lucha
  • 3. The Lucha Underground Temple
  • 2. Dario's Return to the Temple
  • 1. The Monster Matanza Cueto

Following Dario Cueto's lead, here is my list.

10. Entrance outfits

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Headgear and capes galore for the likes of Prince Puma, Mil Muertes, El Dragon Azteca Jr., and others. It adds an extra layer of mystique and general badassery. King Cuerno's deer head is the best.

9. Gimmick matches

This is a specialty of Lucha Underground. They have innovative concepts such as Believers’ Backlash, while older ideas just feel innovative like Grave Consequences and All Night Long. The action always delivers, as well as the ringside decoration.

8. Aztec Warfare

The Royal Rumble is easily my favorite WWE event. It would stand to reason that I am equally excited whenever Aztec Warfare rolls around. Aztec Warfare actually has greater potential to be more entertaining than the Royal Rumble, since they don't do top rope eliminations. It allows the luchadores to take flight in all their splendid glory. Plus, I love it when those Aztec drums go bum, bum, bum.

7. Johnny Mundo vs Alberto El Patron

There have been plenty of top notch matches in Lucha Underground. So many that my favorite could change by the day. On this day, I'm going with the first encounter between Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron. Two fighters battling to see who was the best in the business. The match itself was a straight forward clean bout anchored by the fire of competition.

6. Open door policy

The Temple doors are open to all who think they have what it takes. It has provided us exposure to a wide variety across the wrestling spectrum. We have seen the hottest free agents (Alberto El Patron and Rey Mysterio), retreads maximize their talent (Big Ryck, Chavo Guerrero Jr., and Hernandez), lucha libre legends (Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr.), one-off appearances (Black Lotus Triad), along with minis and exoticos (Mascarita Sagrada and Pimpinela Escarlata). The open door policy has also allowed new blood (Taya, Dante Fox, and Jeremiah Crane) to keep the roster from getting stale.

5. Prince Puma

Prince Puma is the most exciting luchador in Lucha Underground and arguably in all of wrestling. He never disappoints in the ring.

4. Mil Muertes as champ

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Mil Muertes is my favorite luchador in the Temple. I love his fighting style, and his backstory adds juice to his character. That's why I was over the moon with joy when Mil Muertes won the Lucha Underground championship. He reigned like a boss by sitting upon a throne in season two.

3. Hoss fights!

I love it when beef gets beefy in the Temple. We've been treated to several epic encounters. Mack vs Cage, Texano vs Cage, Mil Muertes vs Matanza, and Cage vs Matanza to name a few. We've also had the luxury to witness violence from junior hosses such as Taya and Jeremiah Crane.

2. El Jefe

Lucha Underground on El Rey Network

Dario Cueto is the straw the stirs the drink. Not only do his innovative ideas revolutionize lucha libre, his character has revolutionized the owner/GM role in wrestling. If you've ever seen an episode, then you already know he is a joy to behold with his mannerisms and catchphrases.

Applause to Luis Fernandez-Gil, who displays his acting prowess in every Dario scene.

1. Supernatural storytelling

As much as I enjoy the wrestling, supernatural elements are what excite me most about Lucha Underground. So many crazy scenes have given goosebumps of grooviness. A man of one thousand deaths, a man of one thousand lives, a ghost lady, being possessed by gods, ancient Aztec tribes, a reptile army, immortality, resurrections, voodoo Vampiro, a dragon, a time-traveling spaceman, and much more that thrills to the core.

Those are my top ten favorite things about Lucha Underground. What are yours?

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