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Charlotte Flair serves up tea in response to GFW champ Sienna’s gimmick infringement accusation

Global Force Wrestling (GFW) Unified Knockouts champion Sienna, also known as Allysin Kay when she wrestles for Shine and other independents, noticed some similarities between her presentation and WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair’s. And since this is wrestling, and even the hint of conflict will get get folks like me to write about you, she tweeted about those similarities last night (Aug. 7):

A lot of fans have pointed out that while there is a resemblance between their application of cosmetics, they’re not the only people in the world who sometimes do it up with the eyeliner. The “pinky up” gesture, which Charlotte and Becky Lynch have been emphasizing since Lana’s return on SmackDown a couple months back, isn’t as prevalent, but also isn’t something Sienna invented.

Then there’s the feathers.

Several examples of wrestlers who use them in their gear were offered in reponse to the original tweet, like Chyna, Melina and Dalton Castle. But Flair subtweeted a response which pretty well justifies her right to peacock around, if you will...

How’s that for tea?

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