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FIP Heatstroke 2017 live results: Yehi/X, Hooligans/Ducklings, Skyler/Davis, and more

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World Wrestling Network

The World Wrestling Network is in Ybor City, Florida tonight at 6PM Eastern with FIP Heatstroke 2017. So fire up FloSlam and follow along with all the action in the thread, and we'll provide running results updates right here for your convenience.

Liam Gray vs. Mason Taylor vs. Talon never gets started because Odinson, Drennen, and Parrow hit the ring and beat everybody down.

Drennen cuts a promo about them not waiting and how they’re here tonight to make a statement and destroy everyone. The WWA4 students are up for a fight, though, and we have a match!

Drennen, Odinson, & Parrow over Liam Gray, Mason Taylor, & Talon by referee stoppage after Mason Taylor was unable to make the standing ten count following repeated chair shots to the back from Drennen.

Leon Ruff comes down for a match but Chip Day interrupts his opponent and is interviewed and demands that Ruff put his spot in Style Battle S1E7 on the line.

Leon Ruff over Chip Day by pinfall with a crucifix driver. (Style Battle S1E7 Qualifying Match)

Jarek 1:20 over Barrett Brown by pinfall with a Canadian backbreaker rack swung forward into a DDT.

Timothy Barr comes to the ring, protected by Teddy Stigma. Barr tells the kids in the crowd to put earmuffs on and runs Kaci Lennox down for embarrassing him a month ago and dares her to slap him now. He claims he’s going to make up for last month and orders her to leave the ring, hiding behind Stigma until she does so.

Aria Blake over MJ Jenkins by pinfall with a DDT.

Dontay Brown cuts a promo asking us if we’ve ever seen the movie Breakin’. I dunno either. He runs the crowd down and offers to audition any women wrestlers who are willing to stand up and put their chests out for him.

Barr invites Lennox back into the ring and says he’s going to take it from here because the crowd wants an announcer with charisma. He polls them and they want him to leave, so he pivots and says he’s gonna stay anyway, and he tells Kaci to find the Orpheum kitchen and go make him dinner.

Thomas Sharp comes down and Barr sicks Stigma on him, we have a match!

Thomas Sharp over Teddy Stigma by pinfall with a Black Hole Slam.

Barr berates Teddy for making him look bad and shoves, so Stigma drops him with a boot! Kaci reclaims her microphone and the crowd sings Tim off.

Caleb Konley over Ethan Case by pinfall with an O’Connor roll and a handful of tights.

Priscilla Kelly (c) over Stormie Lee by submission with Trapped in Sin, retaining the Shine Nova Championship.

Kelly is interviewed and says she will, in her capacity as pro wrestling’s succubus, do anything she has to do to retain the title.

Jon Davis (c) over John Skyler by pinfall with a spin-out Argentine powerbomb, retaining the FIP Florida Heritage Championship.

Fred Yehi (c) over Tracer X by submission with the Koji Clutch, retaining the FIP World Heavyweight Championship.

Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) (c) vs. Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) goes to a no contest when Drennen, Odinson, and Parrow lay waste to both teams and knock several referees out. (FIP Tag Team Championship)

Odinson and Parrow raise the tag titles high and Drennen gets on the mic to tell us not to doubt the words that come out of his mouth. This is the statement, the Hooligans and the Ducklings are dead and you might as well just give the titles to them.