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Live from New York City, it’s the 2017 Subway Royal Rumble

Oh my God, it’s Stone Cold! Stone Cold!

It’s that time once again for the most wonderful event of the year - the Royal Rumble! No, not that Royal Rumble — but an improv performance put together by Tim Hann Rivera and many entertaining fellows on the subway of New York City.

The rules are simple - to be eliminated you need to be thrown off the train with both feet hitting the platform. The last man standing on the train wins the WWF Subway championship and presumably has to defend that at WrestleMania (or the Statue of Liberty).

It’s actually incredible in its ridiculousness, and the commentary for the Rumble itself is a hoot. Sadly, the audience on hand is as dead as one at a 205 Live show but it’s the effort that counts.

I’m also pleasantly surprised that they managed to get away filming this for so long, and in its entirety without being kicked off the subway by the transit police. Maybe we had a few Rock fans watching on CCTV.

Just don’t try this at home — or on the subway, Cagesiders.

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