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Rosemary reports that she has a strained triceps and biceps that’s ‘less severe than anticipated’

The big story coming out of Triplemania this past Saturday (Aug. 26) was Rosemary’s injury at the hands of Sexy Star. While plenty of wrestlers commented on it, including some in WWE, and Rosemary herself addressed it a couple nights ago, the status of her injury remained unknown.

Tonight, Rosemary gave us the update on Twitter and it sounds like the news is better than expected.

Here’s the transcription for those who can’t view the images on their devices:

“This will be the last I will say on the matter before we go back to our regularly scheduled demonic possession. What happened has happened and it’s been too much time already spent in the mortal realm as it is.

My injury is thankfully less severe than anticipated (and certainly much less than has been reported some places). Strained tricep/bicep with swelling around the area. Returning to the ring will come when the doc is happy with my strength and range of motion, but I am optimistic that time lost will be minimal.

Can we all take one thing from this entire messy situation: that no matter what is going on in our personal lives, we need to take CARE of each other out there, and I’m not just talking about in the ring. And if you screw up (and we all do), own up to it. Let’s stop making excuses and take accountability for our actions.

Thank you so much to everyone who reached out and checked in on my; I haven’t even been able to read them all yet. With such an outpouring of love and positivity from people, I would like to pay that forward and turn a positive light on what came out of this weekend of wrestling: Eddie Edwards made history when he won the GHC Heavyweight title at NOAH, becoming the first gaijin to do so, and both DJZ and Andrew Everett had INCREDIBLE showings while tagging at Triplemania after both recently having surgeries. So let’s try to put out some positive energies back into this world of professional wrestling that I love so much and move on from this.

All right, Demon. The meat-sac is yours.”

It sounds like after a trying ordeal, the news is pretty good and Rosemary is in a good place with it all. That’s great to see.

Of course now, she’s turned her vessel back to the demon that controls it, which is a different story entirely.

It sounds like this is it for this story, at least from Rosemary’s end. There was rumor Triple A would release a statement, but that has not happened. If it does, we’ll let you know.

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